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Opening the Door to Taller Buildings in Bethesda?


This is a big deal folks — Montgomery County Council has just endorsed major revisions to its zoning laws. According to various reports, the MCC has taken steps that some are describing as a key stage in efforts to revise the zoning laws in our area.

The new proposed laws are being described quite differently with some people suggesting that they will positively impact efforts to move White Flint and Rockville Pike away from their strip mall feel towards a Bethesda type layout with mixed commercial, residential and green space in tighter areas. Other folks feel that these proposed zoning changes are really problematic because they include things like an increase in the allowed height of buildings — some of these critics fear that the White Flint and Pike area will look more like Rosslyn (pictured above) and your more typical American city than Bethesda.

While the laws may be designed with areas other than Bethesda in mind, I’m quite concerned that they could lead to an increase in height of buildings here. Our community is really well designed now and I’d be concerned if builders had the option to build as high as 300 feet.

The WP has some good details on the initial process here. You can be sure that here at Bethesda Actually we will be digging into this issue and reporting back to you in the weeks and months ahead.

Let us know what you think — would you be for or against laws that would allow the construction of buildings of 300 feet in the Bethesda area (our current highest buildings are about 200 feet according to the WashPost).