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Some Changes in Content at Bethesda Actually


I went to a very interesting meeting earlier this week given by the head of the Friends of White Flint. It got into a lot of details about the new development – matters that will certainly impact our community. Further more, it is also clear that parts of this project are likely to incorporate the “Bethesda North” tag and that we may see, over time, an expansion of what we consider Bethesda including this northern section. SO, here at Bethesda Actually we are going to try and cover bits of the Bethesda North development and will make sure that it is tagged as such.

RE: The White Flint Sector Plan

Friends, here are a few more details on the Smart Growth initiative for Bethesda “north” aka the White Flint Sector Plan:

Among the plan’s goals:

  • create thriving, diverse mixed use center with highest intensity closest to Metro and along Rockville Pike
  • create new parks and open spaces
  • transform Rockville Pike into a boulevard with a landscape median, street trees and improved crosswalks
  • develop a transportation network that includes a grid of new public streets
  • improve the pedestrian and bicycling environment
  • promote sustainable development
  • create new public facilities
  • provide affordable housing
  • promote innovative ways to finance and manage new infrastructure

More info here.

Smart Growth for Rockville Pike

As readers of this blog know we like the smart growth strategy that has been developed to regenerate/ green and generally improve Bethesda “north” aka White Flint @ Rockville Pike.

The NYT has a nice feature outlining the project on their site at the moment. It doesn’t provide many new details but captures the general parameters and challenges of the effort. Well worth a read….

Bethesda North AKA White Flint Will See Revamp

Some really good news just up the road from our community — Montgomery County Council has approved plans that, if well implemented, will see White Flint look a lot more like Bethesda down town and a lot less like the strip mall neighborhood it currently resembles. Our friends at GGW have the details here and have been on top of the story.

As you know, here at Bethesda Actually, we are delighted at the possible development of the White Flint area. Firstlyit should create a really nice neighboring area for folks in Bethesda to visit and secondly, if businesses are creative the tandum of Bethesda and a “new” White Flint should be more attractive to shoppers and those looking to play and work who live in the District and the surrounding area — that would be good for the local economy and signal that people really do vote with their pocket books when it comes to smart growth.

I just hope they keep Bertucci’s at White Flint — I like that place 🙂