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WEATHER UPDATE: Bethesda Flood Warning

This was just sent to me: Captain David Falcinelli, 

Safety during heavy rains and flooding

It is anticipated that the 2nd District will receive a significant amount of rain this afternoon. Beach Drive already flooded for a period this morning, and a tree fell across Old Georgetown Rd. at Battery Lane.

Some areas to avoid during heavy rains are: Beach Drive, 8100 Block of Bradley Blvd., Goldsboro Rd. near Mass. Ave., 9300 block of Kendale Rd., and Mass. Ave at Little Falls Pkwy. These roads tend to flood first.

Please avoid taking unnecessary trips during the height of the storm, but if you find yourself on the road, remember to reduce your speed to avoid hydroplaning and allow for greater reaction time due to poor visibility and roadway hazards such as flooding, fallen trees, disabled cars, etc.. If lights are out at an intersection, MD law requires that you treat it as a 4 way stop sign.


Bethesda Openings and Supplies

While much of Bethesda was closed today — even Barnes and Nobles wasn’t open when we headed by — Some places did open up for those hearty souls out to grab a cuppa joe or some supplies.  Tastee Diner, Dunkin Donuts, Bethesda Bagels and Giant were all open.   And one very aptly named clothing store, Breaking Ice, on Bethesda Avenue looked like it was opening up as we walked by.


Bethesda Snow Accumulation

It’s a strange one here in Bethesda.  We woke up to almost no snow on the trees and we wondered if this had been a bust but when we got outside the inches on the ground had really piled up over night.  Our first step out and we seemed to sink a foot.  We took out a trusty ruler and headed to Battery Park to measure the accumulation on flat area.  We got almost 28cm or just a hair over 11 inches.  That’s pretty impressive.  Any others out there measuring the snow?






28 cm

Bethesda Conditions

For much of today the snow was deep in some parts but really slushy in others.  The roads were mostly cleared down town bethesda but cars wizzing around were spraying goopy/slushy snow up at pedestrians and there were large puddles at intersections.  As then next bout of snow comes around and temperatures drop, all that slush may re-freeze. Some re-freezing has already started on what appear to be cleared paths so please be careful out there.




sloppy but clear roads

Russia has Sochi, Bethesda has SNOWchi

Just like you, we at Bethesda Actually have been obsessively checking our beloved WashingtonPost Weather Gang every time an ad comes on during the Sochi Olympics.  They unofficially named the storm SNOWCHI which we thought was perfect.  So we are borrowing it for our updates.  Any other names/suggestions out there?

Bethesda Snow

Friends, despite the blue sky this a.m., snow is scheduled for Bethesda/ the Washington, DC metro area tonight and tomorrow…..stay tuned for more.

Lunch Time Weather update: SLUSH !

Temperatures are hovering just above freezing (currently at 34 degrees) which means the light snow and freezing rain we had last night is now SLUSH!

As temperatures drop the slush may well re– freeze and become ice.  So please TAKE CARE. And in the mean time, when waiting to cross the road, stand back or be sprayed!!!!

Here is a picture of the slushy mess from earlier

Snow on the Ground in Bethesda — Montgomery County Schools Closed!

Friends — we have snow on the ground and Montgomery County Schools are closed (see here for more).  So far the Federal Government is Open (see here for more). Please take care and if you can safely take pics send them to us at bethesdaactually@gmail.com with a note in the email confirming we can post them on our website (the first from a reader is below!!). Cheers!

More Snow Pics!

Can You Spot the Restaurants?

Perfect Weather for the Trail

Capital Trail

We grabbed these photos the other day while strolling along the Capital Trail.  The weather was fantastic, the bikers, hikers and runners were out in force, and while it may only be springtime it’s quite clear that summer is on the way.  Enjoy!