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Greening Bethesda

The recent Bethesda Green awards gala was an opportunity to showcase good, green efforts in the community via their green awards ceremony. We were happy to see that TD Bank and Bell Nursery co-won the leading by example awards for business:

“TD Bank on Old Georgetown Road and Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda and Bell Nursery, with a location in Silver Spring, were co-winners of the Leading by Example Award for businesses. TD Bank uses solar panels, a green roof, ivy walls and recycled products to make its building and business as green as possible. Bell Nursery, which supplies flowers and plants across the Mid-Atlantic, has continued to work with Home Depot to recycle millions of plastic pots. The company also has converted two of its facilities entirely to wind power and has promoted the production of native plants.”


TD Bank Growth in Bethesda!



It has been interesting to see the growth of TD Bank in Bethesda and the surrounding area. At a time when many banks are closing down branches or limiting their hours, it makes a nice change to see a bank opening new offices and increasing their hours of operation.

We have been wondering what TD Bank is seeing that their competitors are not – is this a recognition that there is a market for face to face banking? Hopefully.

Is this a smart play at a time when money is cheap and real estate acquisition opportunities are available? Possibly.

Any insights would be appreciated but regardless of the rational we’d like to welcome TD Bank to the neighborhood and note that we appreciate their LEED certified builings: