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The Snow that Never Came…


The scene above will probably not bring back happy memories of the recent Snowmageddon.  But thankfully despite yet more snow forecast for Friday and the weekend, apart from a couple of small snow signals in the air which seemed to vanish as soon as they’d appeared, we’ve yet to be bombarded by the blizzard.  In fact, yesterday was a great day and today looks sunny and inviting!  That said, a friend visiting from New York City was forced to take the bus after his flight was cancelled on Friday afternoon.  I guess we were lucky!

Here Comes the Snow Again!

Just sitting in my apartment looking out at the snow that started falling a short time ago.  It this stage it looks really light and pretty wet, and certainly isn’t settling.  Actually it’s hard to imagine this could be the prelude to what has been forecast, but I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks very much to Sandra for adding this link about great snowmageddon recipes to get us all through the weekend (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalweathergang/2010/02/recipes_for_snowmageddon_food.html).  If anyone has any interesting stories or adventures whatsoever over that come about over the course of the next few days, please feel free to share!



Sorry to be somewhat apocalyptic with the title of this post.  I literally just got home after an epic trawl around various grocery stores, and was watching the local news for latest updates on the weather only to hear the anchor refer to the impending snow storm as “snowmageddon”.  It seemed appropriate under the circumstances!

In an effort to prepare myself for the weather I dropped in at Strosniders this afternoon to pick up a snow shovel.  I was told they wouldn’t have any until later in the day (one person said 4:30pm, another said 5:30pm) so I decided – ultimately unsuccessfully – to try my luck elsewhere.

Sorry for not writing this earlier… The whole point of this post was to give you all a heads-up about when the shovels would be back on the shelves.  Hopefully you’ve managed to find one.  Ice Melt was a popular purchase though, with the pic above giving some idea of the scene outside Strosniders about 3:30pm today.

But all is not lost and every cloud has a silver lining!  If you can’t make it to work tomorrow and the kids’ school is closed, why not pick up a sled and hit the slopes?  Unlike snow shovels, there was no shortage of sleds to go round with a color to suit every taste.  I already know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!  Latest update is getting on for 20 inches beginning about 11am tomorrow… More to come in the morning!

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