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Snowy Bethesda

If you have fun pictures of the snow storm from in and around Bethesda email them to me at raj@rajabout.com and we will post as many as we can. Let us know if you want your name posted as well – and please make sure they are your pics 🙂


Happy Valentines Day and Snow Dog =)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bethesda Actually.  Here are a couple of shots to warm your heart on this day of love. I have to say the sun mottled snow was beautiful this morning but the snowman with his trusty snowdog melted my heart. =) Alas our picture of the two together didn’t come out so we can only share the shot of snow dog himself.  Did anyone else snap the cute couple?  If so please send us a shot. And feel free to share any other pictures we can post from your Bethesda Snochi experience.

Snowman and Snowdog - CopySnowdog with stick





Snowman and Snowdog 2-001Snowman and Snowdog 2

Caution Snow and Ice May Exist

So no snow day today and heading in was a mixed bag of slosh, snow and refrozen slosh and snow.  This sign says it best and here are a few pictures of the conditions this morning heading in.  Including beautiful but also blinding sunlight. Be Careful out there.


Frozen Slosh 2

Iced-over Slosh

Re-Frozen Path

Blinding Light




Bethesda Openings and Supplies

While much of Bethesda was closed today — even Barnes and Nobles wasn’t open when we headed by — Some places did open up for those hearty souls out to grab a cuppa joe or some supplies.  Tastee Diner, Dunkin Donuts, Bethesda Bagels and Giant were all open.   And one very aptly named clothing store, Breaking Ice, on Bethesda Avenue looked like it was opening up as we walked by.


Bethesda Snow Accumulation

It’s a strange one here in Bethesda.  We woke up to almost no snow on the trees and we wondered if this had been a bust but when we got outside the inches on the ground had really piled up over night.  Our first step out and we seemed to sink a foot.  We took out a trusty ruler and headed to Battery Park to measure the accumulation on flat area.  We got almost 28cm or just a hair over 11 inches.  That’s pretty impressive.  Any others out there measuring the snow?






28 cm

Bethesda Conditions

For much of today the snow was deep in some parts but really slushy in others.  The roads were mostly cleared down town bethesda but cars wizzing around were spraying goopy/slushy snow up at pedestrians and there were large puddles at intersections.  As then next bout of snow comes around and temperatures drop, all that slush may re-freeze. Some re-freezing has already started on what appear to be cleared paths so please be careful out there.




sloppy but clear roads

Russia has Sochi, Bethesda has SNOWchi

Just like you, we at Bethesda Actually have been obsessively checking our beloved WashingtonPost Weather Gang every time an ad comes on during the Sochi Olympics.  They unofficially named the storm SNOWCHI which we thought was perfect.  So we are borrowing it for our updates.  Any other names/suggestions out there?

A Quick Dig Around the Archives!


With the launch of the new Bethesda Actually 2.0, we have a lot of catching up to do – but our new platform is built on solid foundations of cool content featuring latest news and developments to community submitted photography and the dreaded (prepare for a shiver down the spine!) Snowmageddon.

So as Raj continues to update on the latest goings-on around  town, I thought it would be fun to highlight some past posts. Here, Verónica Magán showcases her photography of the rich yet often unnoticed patterns and textures  of Bethesda’s street-scene (see above).


Meanwhile, these wonderful images of Bethesda bird life by local photographer Victoria Porter offer a more pleasant image of what seemed to be a rather long winter. Check out more birds in the blizzard here.


Bethesda Snow

Friends, despite the blue sky this a.m., snow is scheduled for Bethesda/ the Washington, DC metro area tonight and tomorrow…..stay tuned for more.

The Calm After The Storm

Just to follow-up on Raj’s post from this morning, I grabbed a few pics of the snow while out and about around downtown Bethesda today.  It’s incredible to think that with all the chaos caused yesterday, the roads would be open again today with very little disruption caused to work schedules.  Though the roads were relatively quiet, it was a far cry from less than 24 hours ago when friends took upto six hours to travel a few miles home from work.  And just when people thought there might be a nice snow day to compensate!