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Bethesda Vegetarian Lunch Recommendations Part 1

A friend and reader of this blog asked for a couple of good lunch recommendations and asked that they be smart/casual and vege friendly.

My suggestions were the following:

Raku Bethesda: Vegetarian Bento Box
Bistro Lazeez: Falafel Sandwich
What do you think about those two?

Lunch Today?

Friends, I am not sure where I want to go for lunch today so I thought I would get some thoughts from all of you. My short list is:
1. Taylors – haven’t been there in a while and always find their stuff fresh and filling

2. Raku – love the spicy noodle soup I had there recently

3. Panas Gourmet - love their empanadas and like the fact that they are constantly providing new and wonderful types to try


So, which one should I go for? Leave a comment or shoot me an email (rajlaw@yahoo.com) with your pick and why!

PS If there is somewhere else that should be considered for a Tuesday lunch, let me know. Cheers!

Bethesda Restaurant Week Starts Monday!

Hurrah for Spring Resturant Week!! Things kick off on Monday. Places to go range from favorites like Assaggi and Raku to Jaleo and Mon Ami Gabi. Prices are: 1. Two-course lunch for $15/ 2. Three-course dinner for $30.

Which one will you be visiting this week?

Thank you Raku!

Dropped into Raku for sushi on Saturday afternoon around 5pm.  First time in a long time but I got the craving and will definitely be heading back soon!  It was very busy, despite being post-lunch/pre-dinner, and the food was great.  Nice staff, very helpful, professional and friendly.  All in all 45 minutes well spent!