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Thanks Olazzo Bethesda

I turned 40 over the holidays and for my big 4-0 I planned to go to dinner with family at Olazzo in Bethesda. My wife connected with the folks over at Olazzo and asked whether they would have the butternut squash ravioli on the menu on the night we were scheduled to head over. The manager said that it was not slated for the menu but he would work to get it on there as a special.

Sadly, due to a family emergency we could not go to Olazzo on my birthday but we made a point of heading over there a few days later. In a wonderful surprise we managed to get a plate the butternut squash ravioli (which was available that night) and tucked into a lot of other wonderful food.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Olazzo for their fantastic service and efforts both in the lead up to my birthday and when we went in a few days later.