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Mussel Bar Review

Now, you know that we are fans of Mussel bar but we did get an interesting comment from a reader who was there last night. As he describes it, he was feeling a bit indecisive as to what beer to have and asked one of the bar team if they had a recommendation/ something that was on the light side/ more of a larger than a traditional ale. The response was that he was handed their, long, menu of beers.  That was not the expected or desired response for our disappointed reader and while this is not a huge issue, it perhaps flags something that a higher end establishment like Mussel Bar needs to be guard against becoming a habit.

An Initial Review of Mussel Bar

This review is an interesting read — mostly positive and one negative:

We have a problem with the paper cone of french fries, however: They’re not hand-cut. Wiedmaier calls his use of a commercial product, from Simplot of Canada, “the hardest decision of my life.” But when a kitchen goes through as many fries as this one does – 1,350 pounds a week, says the chef – fresh is hard to do.

Kind of a bummer — I LOVE fresh french fries and will need to try these to see how they stack up to others in the area.

What do you think?

Mussel Bar Open for Business!

mussel bar

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!  Bethesda’s latest eatery, Mussel Bar, opened for business last night and by all accounts it truly lives up to the hype.  More to come on Mussel Bar soon!

Picture published with generous permission of D.C.-based food writer Amanda McClements. Check out Amanda’s website, metrocurean.

Mussel Bar Opening Imminent

We’re very excited about the opening of the Mussel Bar on Woodmont Ave.  We’d heard it was due to open yesterday but according to the restaurant’s Facebook page, today is looking like the big day due to server training.  The picture below shows employee training underway.  Definitely check out the Facebook page; it’s an active group and really drawing the community into this exciting new eatery!

mussel bar training

Image by Mussel Bar

Mussel Bar Update

Friends, I noticed that Mussel bar is moving towards to their open – they have some nice furniture outside that has been stained and there is a sign posted with some special events. More info on that later!

Mussel Bar Now Hiring

Mussel Bar

We’ve posted about the Mussel Bar before but I wandered past this afternoon  and took a quick glance in through the door.  The inside is gutted but a whirl of activity, as they prepare for the building’s next tenants.  For anyone who is interested but has not seen the poster, the Mussel Bar is now hiring:

mussel bar now hiring

Kitchen staff email david@beckdc.com, waitstaff email sabdo723@gmail.com.  Good luck!

Bethesda as a Restaurant Destination

Friends, as you know, here at Bethesda Actually, we are very excited by the crop of new restaurants that are opening up in the coming months. This piece from the Gazette does a nice job of connecting the dots between a few of them (Vapiano’s, Taylor Gourmet, Mussel Bar, Bistro Provence, American Tap Room and Food and Wine Co.)

Of course there are others on the horizon that could be included in such a list including the Med Cafe on Norfolk. No doubt, these are fun times for the casual Bethesda diner and local foodies alike!