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Abandoned Building, Hampden Lane

Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the way on Hampden Lane these days!  We’ve mentioned this seemingly abandoned building several times to date on Bethesda Actually, but have never managed to find much information on it.  Could it be a “phase two” to the new construction further up Hampden Lane, or is there perhaps a site office hiding in there somewhere?  One thing’s for sure: it doesn’t look like it’s going to be turned back into a home/office any time soon…

Hampden Lane Construction

Pleased to see this new building (apartments?) taking place on Hampden Lane, around the corner from Equinox.  Should be a nice addition to the streetscene – see map below for location.

The House on Hampden Lane

We’ve posted before about this house on Hampden Lane opposite The Shoppes of Bethesda, which has been empty and boarded up for months now.  Cars parked outside suggest that something is happening to the old building, but what that might be is as yet unclear…

Bella Italia Moving Two Blocks!

Bella Italia

Bella Italia is moving two blocks from Bethesda Avenue – where it has been for the past seven years – to Hampden lane (see map).  From their website:

Come check us out at The Shoppes of Bethesda – 4934 Hampden Lane. Just walk out our old front door, cross Bethesda Avenue and through the pedestrian walkway at Bethesda Row, cross Elm Street and turn right and look for the staircase on the left that will bring you to The Shoppes at Bethesda. We’re two doors down from the UPS Store.

If you are driving, there’s plenty of free parking in the lot on Hampden Lane.

Click here for directions.

And check back for information on our Grand ReOpening Celebration!

Ci vediamo!

Thanks very much to Diana for the heads-up!

Does Anyone Know What’s Happening With This Building?

empty building

I’ve always kind of liked this building on Hampden Lane (see below), as a more traditional structure among the larger modern buildings of more recent years.  It’s been empty for a long time though, and wondering if anyone knows what the story is?  There’s a vehicle parked outside, which suggests something is happening…

hampden lane