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Essie Says: Keeping it Short and Sweet

This season there is certainly no shortage of shorts. From high-waisted hot pants to denim boy-shorts, we have seen a variety of lengths, patterns, and cuts in a range of price points. Far from the Daisy Dukes of the 80’s and 90’s, this season’s shorts come in fabrics and styles that are appropriate for almost any body-type or occasion. May fashion magazines are all featuring the turned-up cuff look coupled with blazers and slouchy tops (take a look for yourself at Barnes and Noble’s if you don’t believe us!). This week, Essie says its time for Bethesdans to give the short trend a leg-up!

An Obsession with Style

Last week we highlighted a Bethesda resident’s culinary blog.  Here is another local publisher writing about fashion from all across the globe – check it out.  Thanks a lot to Holly J for the heads-up!

Essie Says: Let’s Get Digital

On our morning stroll down Woodmont, we realized that Bethesdans are quite a tech savvy bunch, with pedestrians juggling at least one iPhone or Blackberry along with their morning Starbucks. The fashion world has embraced the digital age also, with live-streaming fashion shows and style bloggers sitting in the front row to report on SS’10. So is it to anyone’s surprise that digital prints are hitting the shops faster than Wi-Fi?  Prints-wise, the usual suspects have been pushing florals this season, to which we quote the wise Ms. Miranda Priestly: “Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.” This week, Essie says: be bold and reach for the new digital prints!

There’s nothing like a silk jumpsuite, and these colors are just too appetizing to pass up!

Halston Heritage Short Silk Jumpsuite – $375

Halston Heritage Short Silk Jumpsuite