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Empty House on Elm Street still Boarded-up – any info?

This house on Elm Street, which we’ve written about before on several occasions, is still boarded-up and seemingly empty, despite a car regularly parked outside.  Does anyone have any news or info about this property?  I’m wondering if it is being used for some purpose related to the current construction of new buildings on the same street?

The House on Hampden Lane

We’ve posted before about this house on Hampden Lane opposite The Shoppes of Bethesda, which has been empty and boarded up for months now.  Cars parked outside suggest that something is happening to the old building, but what that might be is as yet unclear…

Does Anyone Know What’s Happening With This Building?

empty building

I’ve always kind of liked this building on Hampden Lane (see below), as a more traditional structure among the larger modern buildings of more recent years.  It’s been empty for a long time though, and wondering if anyone knows what the story is?  There’s a vehicle parked outside, which suggests something is happening…

hampden lane