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Dean and DeLuca Bethesda delayed until 2019

Hi friends,

I just noticed this story from our friends at Bethesda magazine where they note that the opening of Dean and DeLuca Bethesda has been delayed until 2019.

But just remember that our local Bethesda gourmet food market Cornucopia is open and stocked with lots of goodies!



RE: Dean & DeLuca Opening in Bethesda

I like Dean & DeLuca and I appreciate that there is a good market for them here in Bethesda.

I just hope that we are also able to support local Bethesda businesses that have been providing us with high quality gourmet food and other tasty niche products….yup Cornucopia I am thinking of you!


Bethesda Actually and Cornucopia are back!

Good news friends – not only is Bethesda Actually back up and running after our latest technical snafu but we can also rejoice in the fact that Cornucopia is scheduled to reopen after Ebo’s Summer holiday. I had planned to wander over there to get some bread this morning but the rain has driven me in doors for now. But I am looking forward to popping in and telling Ebo he has been missed these past weeks! In particular the lack of really good gelato during the hot and humid days of summer was a big miss!



Cornucopia Closed Until Feb 10th

It seems that Ebo (owner of this wonderful store) has headed to Italy for business – let us hope he returns with even more wonderful nibbles to enjoy!DSCF5035

Valentine’s Day in Bethesda!

Friends — Happy Valentine’s Day!!  For those of you still thinking about options for this evening here are five ideas for a fun Valentine’s Day in Bethesda:

1. Dinner at one of our fantastic restaurants — American Tap Room in particular looks as if they have a super menu for two on offer.

2. Grab a couple of Georgetown Cup Cakes, buy a warm drink from the Barnes and Nobles Cafe and sit outside near the fountain and people watch.

3. Enjoy dinner at La Madeline’s in Bethesda — have some lovely comfort food and take in the cosy atmosphere.

4. Milkshakes from BGR and some fresh air in Veterans Park– need we say more!

5. Buy some gourmet food from Cornucopia on Norfolk Ave and cook a wonderful meal at home.