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Good Works in Bethesda/ MoCo

Hi friends, I wanted to take a moment to post some info on a terrific group called Rebuilding Together Montgomery County.  RTMC is doing wonderful and important work by providing safe, warm and healthy homes to some of the most vulnerable residents in Montgomery county.
A colleague just let me know about a fun fundraising event that is coming up for RTMC called “The Playhouse Project.” The essence is that 8 amazing one-of-a-kind playhouses (built and donated by local custom home builders) will be auctioned live on June 11.
My colleague forwarded the info and the link below:

Don’t Forget Thrift Shop During Your Spring/ Summer Cleaning!

We were strolling around the neighborhood over the weekend and, judging by the wide range of goods next to their trash cans, lots of folks have clearly been doing some Spring/ early Summer cleaning.

If you have already finished your Spring cleaning – well done!

BUT, if you haven’t had a chance to start/ or are still in the process, please consider dropping off some of your “stuff” to the goodwill, instead of trashing it.  For instance, we saw a large pile of sports equipment near some trash cans in the Battery Park area and my guess is that much of that could be sold by the local goodwill shop. When decent quality and appropriate stuff is donated to good will, their are has 3 benefits:

1. people can buy inexpensive, but good quality “stuff”

2. money is raised for charity

3. Less stuff in land fills – hurrah!


Friday Night Eclectic at Strathmore Benefit for Washington Animal Rescue League


We wanted to let you know about this charity event:

Screen Vinyl Image, Bellflur, Daddy Lion Benefit for WARL @ Strathmore

Purchase Tickets ($10) ($12 cash at door)

Local Charities

Hi folks, one of the wonderful things about living in Bethesda is that the community includes so many people who take “giving back” seriously. We want to do our part here at Bethesda Actually SO if you are involved in any charity activities send us an email (bethesdaactually@gmail.com) or leave a comment below describing the charity and any events you may be holding. We will take a look at the details and and feature a good number of them in as timely a fashion as we can.