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Bistro Lazeez and Uber Eats

Just wanted to note that Bistro Lazeez is very publicly pushing their connection with Uber Eats — I am curious to see if folks have had a good experience with Uber Eats. Drop us a line at raj@rajabout.com and we will publish the best responses.


Bethesda Vegetarian Lunch Recommendations Part 1

A friend and reader of this blog asked for a couple of good lunch recommendations and asked that they be smart/casual and vege friendly.

My suggestions were the following:

Raku Bethesda: Vegetarian Bento Box
Bistro Lazeez: Falafel Sandwich
What do you think about those two?

Bistro Lazeez

Going to take it easy tomorrow (no work — hurrah!) and thinking about lunch at Bistro Lazeez. One thing about the Bistro is the falafel dish is so good it makes one reluctant to try something else. So perhaps someone can make the case for branching out and trying something else. Any suggestions?

Fall in Bethesda: Superb Picture from a Reader

Thanks to Dina Keilany for sending this in (check out her site here):

Bistro Lazeez Getting Rave Reviews

A week or so ago we mentioned Bistro Lazeez.  Their website is not yet up and running, although we are assured it is “coming soon”.  In the meantime here are some great reviews (on the whole – a few people were not so impressed, but for the most part feedback looks extremely positive).

Have you been to Bistro Lazeez?  If so let us know what you thought!

Bistro Lazeez Looks Super

Friends — we popped into Bistro Lazeez yesterday just to grab a menu and check things out. Bottom line is that the place looks super, menu is well designed and prices attractive. We will be checking it out this week — stay tuned!