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What February Used to Look Like!

Bethesda UP Bethesda UP 10 Bethesda UP 9

Snow and Ice Pictures

img_1929 img_1928 img_1927


The past weekend was incredibly cold and we had our first real snow of the season – above are a few pictures of the building site across from the Gallery Apts (you can also see the Whitehall in the background as well as the former site of Tough Temple Cross Fit). Feel free to share your pictures of snowy, cold Bethesda by emailing: raj@rajabout.com

Cold Sweeps Bethesda – Next Two Days Sub Zero Temps!

Take care out there folks. It it incredibly cold out there.

Here are a couple of thoughts for a chilly Thursday.

If you want to assist someone in a tougher spot than you, consider supporting Bethesda Cares Inc. or one of the many wonderful homeless organizations in Bethesda or the surrounding area. Their address: 7728 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Shifting gears, if you need a warm pick me up yourself, here are a few thoughts:

1. A warm and hearty soup at Panera Bread – yes it is a chain but they do have some lovely soups and the staff have always been super 🙂

2. La Madeline’s – a warm fire and warm soups – what’s not to like?

3. Satsuma and Raku – wonderful locations for noodle soups!

sushi spring

Caution Snow and Ice May Exist

So no snow day today and heading in was a mixed bag of slosh, snow and refrozen slosh and snow.  This sign says it best and here are a few pictures of the conditions this morning heading in.  Including beautiful but also blinding sunlight. Be Careful out there.


Frozen Slosh 2

Iced-over Slosh

Re-Frozen Path

Blinding Light




Thanks Bethesda UP! And all the Clearing Crews

Within 5 mins of starting our snow-scoping walk this morning we came across a very busy Bethesda Urban Partnership Crew.  These guys had been out since 7am and I have to say the main streets of Bethesda were looking great!  Thanks guys!!!Bethesda UP


Bethesda UP 2Bethesda UP 7 Bethesda UP 6 Bethesda UP 4 Bethesda UP 3Bethesda UP 11

Good Piece on the Polar Vortex

Here is a good read from our friends at Capital Weather Gang WP on the POLAR VORTEX!

Stay warm and safe out there folks!

Beat the Chill Offer from Cal Tort!

This was a fun offer from Pam over at Cal Tort Bethesda:

Cal Tort: Chips and Queso today are..FREE when you make a purchase! And since the wind chill factor at the Cal Tort World Headquarters in Rockville at 10 a.m. was -10 degrees, we’re going to PAY YOU 10 cents to eat those free chips and queso! (Wouldn’t you have hated it if it were -9 degrees and we gave you 9 cents?) So come on in today and enjoy some chips and queso on us and then some. Just say, “Man it’s cold outside!” See you here…xoxo, Pam


Bethesda 2014 Freeze Take 2: Freezing Temps Tomorrow

red berries with some ice

COLD Weather Front Hits Bethesda!

bethesda ice path is lovelyStay Warm and Safe Out There!

More Winter Pictures from our community!

thumbs up for the beautiful ice storm