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Thanks Bethesda UP! And all the Clearing Crews

Within 5 mins of starting our snow-scoping walk this morning we came across a very busy Bethesda Urban Partnership Crew.  These guys had been out since 7am and I have to say the main streets of Bethesda were looking great!  Thanks guys!!!Bethesda UP


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Bethesda Farmers Market in Veterans Park to End?

I just saw that Bethesda UP may well be closing the Farmers Market that takes place in Veterans Park in Old Bethesda. The market — which is really terrific — runs from May to October every year but according to our friends at GWW it seems that it will not be running this year. It seems that the farmers were just given the news and that part of the problem may have been a drop off in traffic in 2009. Now, I will say that I don’t have all the details yet but I’d be really disappointed if the market did not come back. It is a terrific little place and has a lot of character. We are going to dig into this a bit more and get back to you with some answers from Bethesda UP.