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Accident at Bethesda Metro – 30 minute plus delay


The metro at Bethesda is being single tracked this morning because a passenger has been hurt after falling on the tracks (according to people at the scene). Our thoughts go out to the victim.

Bethesda Metro Escalator Outage This Afternoon

Despite vast improvements in today’s weather, power problems abounded across Bethesda and passengers were faced with a steep climb after all three escalators shut-down for a period this afternoon.  To show some solidarity with those slowly but steadily making their way up, I too climbed the entire set of steps, and was struggling considerably by the time I reached the top.  Time to hit the gym I think!  At least two of them were back in service later in the day, and admittedly I didn’t stop to see whether the elevator was working…

College student sent to prison for selling drugs & guns at Bethesda Metro

(Images: ChrisDag, cc-2.0; inset: Jose Reynaldo, cc-sa-3.0)

Our reporting at Bethesda Actually is generally upbeat community news, but crime can impact the community as a whole and I wanted to flag this case – in part because it took place at Bethesda Metro station. 

David Glenn Bonett, 23, from Mt. Airy, Md., was sentenced on Monday to 30 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.  The former Montgomery College student was charged with distributing drugs – namely Oxycodone and marijuana – and selling firearms without a license.  More of this story here.

Plans Unveiled for Second Bethesda Metro Station Entrance

Plans were unveiled yesterday for a second entrance for the Bethesda metro.

County and Maryland Transit Administration plans call for six elevators that would connect Bethesda station’s underground Red Line platform, the planned Purple Line light-rail station and street level, at the corner of Elm Street and Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Bethesda.

Read more here.

O’Malley at Bethesda Metro!


Gov. O’Malley at Bethesda Metro

Nice to see the Gov at Bethesda Metro shaking hands, chatting to folks — seems like a decent fellow. The race for Gov. looks like it is going to be a close one!

Bethesda Metro Station Closed Due to Fire

Bethesda Metro station was closed earlier due to a fire which broke out on the track bed and engulfed the station in smoke.  Firefighters evacuated the station but it has since been reopened.

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