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A nice post from our friends at Central Farm Markets (Bethesda) – they have some super ideas for food fun and of course there is so much fab stuff to pick up at the market:

What are your favorite Winter activities? In the Washington area you can ice skate, hike on the C&O Canal, ski and go sledding. If you love being outdoors, we suggest trying another unique winter activity that can be loads of fun: a winter picnic. Yes, you read correctly; winter is the perfect time for an outdoor picnic.

Before you venture out, make sure it isn’t too cold! 40s and above and sunny is best. Bundle up in layers, take some warm blankets and pack an insulated bag with lots of goodies. Bring thermoses filled with steaming hot chocolate or hot spiced apple cider to drink and piping hot chili to eat. Heat up some finger foods (like empanadas) and wrap them up in foil to keep them warm. The more hot foods you pack together, the warmer your basket will be. And of course don’t forget pickles, salami, cheese and dessert! S’mores are a must if you are in a park and can light a grill.

If you don’t want to be outside, try having an indoor picnic by the fire. If you have kids, its a great way to celebrate the winter. Fun games, great food…the possibilities are endless.

So think outside the box this winter. Pick up great foods at the market and have a picnic!

We look forward to seeing you at the market!
Mitch Berliner, Debra Moser, Jessica Band, Chef Lynn Foster & Chris Hitchens.

Zeke’s Coffee at the Bethesda Farmers Market: Holiday blend

Just wanted to note that Zeke’s holiday blend was wonderful! Well done Zeke’s yet again!



“North Bethesda” Central Market Event: Caribbean Festival: A day of tropical food & fun!

Friends this looks like fun! Take a look at the link for more info – LINK!

Parking Updates for Bethesda Central Farm Market

From Central Farm Market FYI:

“As the market grows, parking spaces are at a premium. Please use the County lot at Old Georgetown and St. Elmo which is free all day Sunday. You may also use the library parking lot, however, you must remove your vehicle by 11:30am so the library staff and patrons can park. Also, please do not park by the side of the school in the dead-end circle. Children are being dropped off for Sunday school and there are “no parking” signs posted. Thanks for your cooperation!”

More info on the Central Farm Markets 4th Annual Bake Bethesda a Pie Contest

This does sound like a lot of fun. The big bonus seems to be that slices of pie will be served to the crowd at the end of the event — sounds simply delightful!!

Full details here and here is a summary of the event:

To enter the pie contest, contestants must be amateur bakers.  There are two divisions: adult and children. Registrations are free, but a $5 donation per pie is required and all proceeds go to Manna.  Please register each individual adult/child separately.  Registration is open through August 28.  Please understand that we cannot accept walk in registrants or accept any registrations once the regsitrations have closed. Click here for complete details and contest rules.
The contest will run from 9am-1pm.  Contestants will drop off their pies from 9-10, and judging will take place from 11-12.  Our fabulous judges, who are some of Washington’s top food professionals include Aviva Goldfarb – founder of The CEO of The Six O’Clock Scramble; David Hagedorn, who had a 25-year career as a chef and restaurateur before becoming a writer, and whose columns in The Washington Post have included Chef on Call, Real Entertaining, Sourced and The Process; and pastry chef extrodinaire Ed Lichorat. Prizes from area merchants and restaurants will be awarded for both sweet and savory pies in both the adult and children’s categories at 12. At the conclusion of announcing the winners, we will be serving slices of pie to the crowd!

So get your recipes, your rolling pin and get going! See you on September 1!

Farmers Market Update: 4th Annual Bake Bethesda A Pie Contest

Just passing this one along:

ONE WEEK LEFT TO REGISTER for our 4th Annual Bake Bethesda A Pie Contest!

Registration for Bake Bethesda A Pie Contest is open NOW  through August 28. So get your aprons on, get your pie tins ready and GET ROLLING! Bake Bethesda A Pie Contest is now proudly  sponsored by Yelp.

Westmooreland Berry Farm and Orchard: Cherries and Biodegradable Bags!

We received a nice note from a member of the Bethesda Actually community asking us to highlight Westmooreland Berry Farm and Orchard. They are one of the participants in the Bethesda Central Farmers Market and our reader bought some cherries from their stall on Sunday. Two positive things came out of this – one apparently she loved the fruit and two, she was thrilled that Westmooreland Berry Farm uses biodegradable bags for those folks who forget to bring their own bags from home. Thanks for letting us know! Don’t forget to send your Bethesda thoughts to us via email rajlaw@yahoo.com


Bethesda Central Farmers Market

Friends, just wanted to give a quick shout out to the folks at Bethesda Central Farmers market. We were there over the weekend and enjoyed some lovely food and coffee. Here is a list of vendors fyi. Cheers!

Farmers Markets

A couple of days ago an older gentleman visiting the area commented to me that he was really impressed with the different markets/ farmers markets we have here in Bethesda. It struck me as an important comment because the farmers markets and other markets we have here in Bethesda have become such a key part of our community that we almost take them for granted.

So I, for one, will be making an extra effort to appreciate these wonderful outdoor areas and will be looking to check them all out in the coming weeks and reporting back on the best deals and other nice features to be found.

If you pop into one of them in the coming days/ weeks, drop us a line with your impressions.

New Farmers Market Opening in Veterans Park

Farmers Market

You may remember a week or so ago I mentioned that the farmers market at Veterans Park was scheduled to close. In the same piece I also wrote about my positive experience with the Dupont Circle farmers market (I used to go there a lot when I lived in DC) and wished we could replicate that one here. Well it seems as if things are moving in a good direction on this matter!

According to reports Bethesda UP is working with Fresh Farm Markets (the folks who run the Dupont one) to open a new one in Bethesda (in Veterans Park!) from mid-June. This is a really good move and should ensure that we have another terrific farmers market in a key part of Bethesda. Now, what would really be good is if we can all support the market and encourage them to keep it going all year round.

More to follow on this story from us but this is VERY positive!