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Bethesda Restaurant Week

Bethesda Restaurant Week is winding down friends but you still a couple of days left. We enjoyed Mon Ami Gabi at the start of restaurant week and found the food to be terrific and a good value. Might try and pop over to Cesco before the week is up and see what their menu is like.

Let us know what your favorite spot was for restaurant week – drop me an email at raj@rajabout.com


Marriott International Moving HQ to Downtown Bethesda

Marriott just announced they would be moving their HQ to Downtown Bethesda.  This will further transform the Bethesda Urban/ downtown area.

Take a look at the link and below (taken from Marriott International) for more information/ FAQ’s etc.:


Why was this site selected?
The selected location at 7750 Wisconsin Avenue is ideally situated just a short walk from Metro and adjacent to ample parking options. It is near the heart of the Bethesda Central Business District with abundant resources for dining, shopping and other services that will support Marriott, its guests and employees.

Going to Nandos Bethesda Today!

Seemed like a good place to be on inauguration day based on this: http://everyoneiswelcome.us/


Rezoning Single Family Homes (SFH): MoCo Councilman Riemer Provokes Strong Reaction

I noticed that MoCo Councilman Reimer recently noted an interest in allowing SFH to be rezoned to accommodate duplexes. This idea has already provoked strong reactions – take a look at this comment from Robert Dyer (CEO of Suburban News Network).

What do you think? Is Reimer right to consider allowing SFH’s to be rezoned?

Is the density a boon or a problem for our area?

Or do you agree with Robert Dyer?

Feel free to drop me a note at raj@rajabout.com and we will share the most interesting comments here at Bethesda Actually.

Cold Sweeps Bethesda – Next Two Days Sub Zero Temps!

Take care out there folks. It it incredibly cold out there.

Here are a couple of thoughts for a chilly Thursday.

If you want to assist someone in a tougher spot than you, consider supporting Bethesda Cares Inc. or one of the many wonderful homeless organizations in Bethesda or the surrounding area. Their address: 7728 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Shifting gears, if you need a warm pick me up yourself, here are a few thoughts:

1. A warm and hearty soup at Panera Bread – yes it is a chain but they do have some lovely soups and the staff have always been super 🙂

2. La Madeline’s – a warm fire and warm soups – what’s not to like?

3. Satsuma and Raku – wonderful locations for noodle soups!

sushi spring

How Will 7770 Announcement Impact other Bethesda Condo Projects?

After 7770 Norfolk announced it was going to revert to apartments, one question has been bugging me – what impact will that announcement make to other Bethesda condo projects. I am making some calls and trying to see if thinking has shifted on other projects and will keep you posted.

Of course, one benefit could be to the Bethesda resale condo market – particularly, one would imagine, to nicer units and upscale buildings. We will monitor that trend here at Bethesda Actually in the months ahead.

The Darcy Condominiums are Stunning

We have referenced the Darcy Condominiums in the past here at Bethesda Actually (see here) but I wanted to take a moment to touch on three things.

First, we popped by to preview a couple of units on Tuesday and discovered that residents are moving in, the front desk is being manned by a terrific fellow and, most significantly, the units really are fantastic – high end finishes and a classy touch in their design. We saw a couple of the larger (1550 sq feet) units and a couple that are slightly smaller but still have decent space. The building itself has some nice features including a wonderful meeting space and guest suites.

The second point, is that it is really interesting to note that there is a historical nod to Bethesda’s past in the naming of this condo project. My Bethesda Actually partner in blogging, Tom Moran, wrote about Bethesda’s routes and Darcy’s store here and the project has embraced this with some delightful artwork in the common areas.

Third, I wanted to point out that if you are interested in looking/ possibly buying a condo in the Bethesda area (including new projects like The Darcy) feel free to drop me an email at raj@rajabout.com or give me a call at (240)48-3921.

I’d be happy to assist you with all your real estate needs (for all my contact info look to the right of the blog).

Here is a snippet of Tom’s story on Darcy’s store to give you a flavor of Bethesda’s past

“Originally named “Darcy’s Store” after local business owner William E. Darcy, the growing town acquired its definitive name in 1871 when postmaster Robert Franck named it after the Bethesda Meeting House, a Presbyterian church…..”


the darcy



The Lauren Residences Bethesda Update

Friends, as you know we have reported previously on the new high end, downtown Bethesda condo project The Lauren Residences.

By way of an update on the market for these condos, I did want to share this interesting comment from Grant Montgomery  (an analyst for the respected Delta Associates research firm in NOVA):

“What we’re seeing is a regionwide uptick in luxury units due to the real lack of development during the worst part of the recession,” says Grant Montgomery, who analyzes the region’s apartment market as a senior vice president for Delta Associates, a market research firm based in Alexandria, Va. “As the market has started to improve, we’ve seen a backlog of demand in the region, including in Bethesda, and we’ve seen developers start to fill that demand.”

This is a fair point. Additionally, the international demand for high end real estate projects in the Washington Metro area seems to be influencing the decisions of developers. I will say that in my day to day work I am seeing an uptick in individuals from overseas asking for information on the top US real estate markets (of which our own is at or near the summit).

Anyhow, more info on The Lauren Residences to follow. As ever, feel free to give me a call at (240)486-3921 or drop an email to rajlaw@yahoo.com if you want to chat about The Lauren (or any other real estate matter). Cheers!