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American Tap Room Specials

On a day like today you may be thinking of grabbing a cool drink, here are some of the daily events at American Tap Room (remember – no drinking and driving!)american tap room events

American Tap Room

Friends — got to take a moment to say that we have become BIG fans of the American Tap Room. After the movies last night we wanted a bite to eat and were disappointed to see that Food and Wine Co. and Mon Ami had closed their kitchens by 10pm. Thankfully American Tap Room had their kitchen open until Midnight so we went there and LOVED it.

Wes, our waiter was a real star and gave us some wonderful wine and food tips. The atmosphere was super, classy but not over whelming. We enjoyed all the food, wine and beer — the shrimp starter was terrific and the burger and chocolate dessert went down a treat!

American Tap Room Open For Business

Amid the excitement of Montgomery County elections it suddenly occured to me that we’d not posted an update on American Tap Room which, only a short time ago, was till being decked out inside and looked a some way off opening.  But it’s fantastic to now have this new addition to Bethesda’s street – and food and drink – scene open to the public in these pleasant late summer/early fall days.

Celebrating Your 21st Birthday in Bethesda

Recently an avid Bethesda Actually reader gave us a call to ask where he should celebrate his 21st birthday. His key parameter was that the location be a pub in or near Bethesda — we suspect he is also looking for a place to act as the transition to 21:

Where is he going to go for a pint, to watch the futbol or listen to some music with friends on a Friday night now that he is 21?

As you can imagine your Bethesda Actually team were pleased to dig into this question and examined the options available to this reader. Our conclusions are listed below — let us know if you agree/ disagree or have alternatives we should have considered for the top slots.

1. Harp and Fiddle — this old Bethesda favorite is number one on our list and we recommend our reader celebrate his birthday there for a few key reason: Harp and Fiddle is a real pub — there is a sense of community, the staff are terrific (our reader needs to get to know Steve, Keith and the rest of the crew) the draft beer options are solid (good Guinness on tap!), food is decent (not gourmet but not bad) it is a venue for music and sports watching (the TV upgrade has enhanced the viewing experience).

2. Irish Inn at Glen Echo — the pub side of the Irish Inn feels like a real pub from the old country and we love it. The food is super and the drinks are terrific. There are no negatives but there was a thought that for a 21st it may be a tad bit quiet. If our reader is celebrating with a diverse age group this could be the right option….certainly this should become a long term venue for a quiet Sunday afternoon pint.

3. RiRa’s — we love RiRa’s in new Bethesda — great music and a lovely space to eat, drink and be merry. We have little to say that is negative about it — if our reader decides to go there he needs to consider whether to be based in the quieter restaurant side or the bar/ band side. One big plus is the light summer shandy’s that RiRa’s is making this summer. One suggestion for RiRa’s — they should look to up their sports viewing options a bit.

4. Royal Mile — Wheaton — outside Bethesda but a lovely place. Love the food and the drinks. The staff are nice and the Welsh Rarebit is WONDERFUL!

5. Rock Bottom Brewery Bethesda — a really good Bethesda brew pub — good food, lots of home style beer options along with a sports and music scene. For the 21st it may not work as the reader in question is keen on having a Guinness.

Honorable mentions:

Black Finn — a loud and lively crowd.

Four P’s in Cleveland Park — an honorable DC option but has lost a bit of its past charm.

Brickskeller Saloon in Dupont Circle — a large variety of beers but we have found that at times the beers we want are out of stock. We do suggest a visit sometime after the 21st birthday.

American Tap Room — downtown Bethesda is opening soon!

Union Jack — some of our British readers feel that they need to up their authenticity a bit….

NOTE: Remember — no drinking and driving/ don’t overindulge and only try and buy a pint if you are legally allowed to do so!

American Tap Room Coming Along Nicely

american taproom

American Tap Room on Woodmont Ave. in downtown Bethesda is taking shape!  As a beer fan I’m excited about this addition to our streetscene.  Find out more here and stay tuned for more info.

Bethesda as a Restaurant Destination

Friends, as you know, here at Bethesda Actually, we are very excited by the crop of new restaurants that are opening up in the coming months. This piece from the Gazette does a nice job of connecting the dots between a few of them (Vapiano’s, Taylor Gourmet, Mussel Bar, Bistro Provence, American Tap Room and Food and Wine Co.)

Of course there are others on the horizon that could be included in such a list including the Med Cafe on Norfolk. No doubt, these are fun times for the casual Bethesda diner and local foodies alike!

American Tap Room

Hi folks, just a quick update on American Tap Room, which will be replacing Austin Grill in downtown Bethesda. While we reported on the switch a while ago we did not mention that the two establishments are sister restaurants. We still want to get a bit more info on the relationship between the two — do they share management/ marketing/ food strategies? The answers may give us a sense as to why the switch was made and what we can expect from American Tap Room when it opens in Bethesda.