Dance Bethesda & Play In A Day

A friend passed on a couple of leaflets about some cool upcoming events in Bethesda, presented by our friends at the Bethesda Urban Partnership

The first, Dance Bethesda (February 26-27), includes free lessons and parties at a selection of downtown Bethesda dance studios and includes a variety of genres.  The event has previously won the 2008 Metro DC Dance Awards where it was hailed Best Overall Production.  Click here for more information.

The second, Play In A Day (Saturday, March 20), will see six theatre companies write, direct and perform short, 10-minute plays, in the space of just one day.  Tickets are $15 available on (some tickets will be sold on the door).  There’s free parking for the event at 4908 Auburn Avenue, although you can always take the good old FREE Bethesda Circulator from the Metro station!

I must confess I’m not much of a dancer (although lessons would definitely be a good thing in an attempt to try and tame both of my left feet) but I’m definitely down for Play In A Day!

Happy Hour at Michael Nunez Mattovich Salon

Local stylist Michael Nunez Mattovich is holding a happy hour at his salon next Friday (February 12) from 6 – 8pm.  Like Michael says:

“Being a Stylist has permitted me to create and develop an art that I can live from and through.”

More to the point, there’s an opportunity here to win a free makeover!  All you need to do is show up at the time mentioned above with a business card, and then wait to see if yours is drawn!  Michael’s salon can be found at 7700 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda.

Here Comes the Snow Again!

Just sitting in my apartment looking out at the snow that started falling a short time ago.  It this stage it looks really light and pretty wet, and certainly isn’t settling.  Actually it’s hard to imagine this could be the prelude to what has been forecast, but I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks very much to Sandra for adding this link about great snowmageddon recipes to get us all through the weekend (  If anyone has any interesting stories or adventures whatsoever over that come about over the course of the next few days, please feel free to share!



Sorry to be somewhat apocalyptic with the title of this post.  I literally just got home after an epic trawl around various grocery stores, and was watching the local news for latest updates on the weather only to hear the anchor refer to the impending snow storm as “snowmageddon”.  It seemed appropriate under the circumstances!

In an effort to prepare myself for the weather I dropped in at Strosniders this afternoon to pick up a snow shovel.  I was told they wouldn’t have any until later in the day (one person said 4:30pm, another said 5:30pm) so I decided – ultimately unsuccessfully – to try my luck elsewhere.

Sorry for not writing this earlier… The whole point of this post was to give you all a heads-up about when the shovels would be back on the shelves.  Hopefully you’ve managed to find one.  Ice Melt was a popular purchase though, with the pic above giving some idea of the scene outside Strosniders about 3:30pm today.

But all is not lost and every cloud has a silver lining!  If you can’t make it to work tomorrow and the kids’ school is closed, why not pick up a sled and hit the slopes?  Unlike snow shovels, there was no shortage of sleds to go round with a color to suit every taste.  I already know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!  Latest update is getting on for 20 inches beginning about 11am tomorrow… More to come in the morning!

Bethesda 2

Major Snow Event Tomorrow!

As you may already know they are predicting a massive snow storm will hit the area tomorrow. Reports are mixed as to when it will really start snowing seriously, some people are saying early morning and others mid/ late afternoon. My guess is that this is a storm we will have to watch carefully….one report suggested we could get up to 20 inches of snow!!

Cool Fundraiser at Black Finn this Friday

So I just found out that our friends at Black Finn are hosting a fundraiser for the American Heart Association this Friday from 6-9pm. I believe that the suggested donation is $10 ($5 if you are wearing red). RSVP’s should go to

I must admit that the chocolate fountain and Pama drinks specials they are supposed to have there makes it sound pretty interesting!

Commuters Beware! Escalator Outage at Bethesda Metro

The scene wasn’t pretty at Bethesda metro station this afternoon, with every single escalator and possibly the elevator out too.  Anyone who travels on the metro system on a daily basis will be used to outages across the network, but it’s unusual for all three escalators to be out at the same time during rush hour.  And with a station as deep as this one, it’s not good!

The “up” escalator was a tired line of passengers, some making the most of the situation to cram in a little unexpected fitness training, others puffing and panting as they made their way to the top in stages.  Hopefully the situation has been resolved over the last couple of hours, but until we know for certain commuters, beware!

Welcome Friends!!

Hi friends, just thought I’d take a couple of moments to welcome you to our new online community. This blog came about after chatting with friends and family here in Bethesda about how truly unique and special our small corner of the world is.

We feel that Bethesda is a truly unique place – minutes away from Washington, DC but with a culture, vibrancy, style and economy all of its own.  Sure, many people here work in Washington and vice versa, but this isn’t Washington, it’s Bethesda, actually!  For that reason, we decided to create a place online where others who share our enthusiasm for Bethesda can meet and exchange ideas.

So, if you want to share your thoughts on the best happy hour in Bethesda or the latest real estate news or even the results of our local school football teams, Bethesda actually is the place for you.

Please stick around and share a few thoughts on what you would like this blog to cover (you can leave a comment below) or drop us an email ( If you need to dash now, no worries, just drop by again when you have time.


More Exhibitions at the Local Galleries

It suddenly occured to me after mentioning the “January” exhibition at Gallery Nepture that I should draw your attention to a couple of other exhibitions in the area that are also winding up in the next couple of days.  They are:

Piece by Piece,” featuring works on paper by local assemblage artists Judy Basile, Jennifer Maben Bishop, Gwendolyn Graine, Sherill Anne Gross, Ellen Hill and Irene Sylvester.  The exhibition is on at the Ratner Museum, 10001 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda.  It’s free to enter and more info about the show, opening hours and so on can be found here.

The Clean Hands Project,” offering a vivid glance into life in Nepal via photographs collected by a group of Nepali activisits and journalists.  It’s on at the Washington School of Photography, 4850 Rugby Avenue , Bethesda, and is free to enter.

Visual Fugue,” paintings by Roger Strassman.  The show is on at the Waverly Street Gallery, 4600 East West Hwy., Bethesda.  It’s free to enter and is running until February 6.

The Historic Bethesda Theatre

Bethesda Theatre

Okay so I enjoy films – sometimes old ones – but I’ve always been a fan of old movie theaters like this.  So armed with my camera while out on a stroll around town, I decided to snap a few pictures!  Most locals will be familiar with the Bethesda Theatre, but for anyone new to the area, here’s the deal…

Opened as the Boro Theatre (name changed only a year later) on May 19, 1938 to a screening of Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife, starring Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert, it soon became a local landmark/community hub and remains one of the few remaining Art Deco cinemas in the Greater DC Metro area.  At the time it was built, it represented the cutting edge of technology and comfort.

Remaining in that role for more than four decades, in 1983 it was converted to a film and food venue known as the Bethesda Cinema ‘N Drafthouse, then later the Bethesda Theatre Cafe in 1990.

Bethesda Theatre2

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999 and restored to its former glory, thanks to the Bethesda Cultural Alliance, the old cinema is now a theater showing intimate Off Broadway productions and cabaret-style shows.  Great building!  For more info on shows, history and old pictures, check out the theaters official website.

And despite being pretty small, its fashionable Deco lines help it hold its own against the towering building behind!