Bethesda Snow Storm cont

bethesda actually snow pic 3

This picture shows how much of the night snow blew off the cars

Snow Storm 2016 Picture cont.

Another – showing 17 inches of snow so far in Bethesda:

bethesda actually snow pic 2

Bethesda Snow Storm 2016 Pic 1

Here is our first reader picture from Caroline:

bethesda garden from caroline

Snowy Bethesda

If you have fun pictures of the snow storm from in and around Bethesda email them to me at and we will post as many as we can. Let us know if you want your name posted as well – and please make sure they are your pics :)


Circulator Extended Route

Here at Bethesda Actually we are big fans of the next Circulator route – by driving down Battery Lane the Circulator provides an easy transport option for those who live in buildings ranging from the Madison to the Whitehall to the soon to open residences at the corner of Battery and Woodmont. Additionally, the fact that the new route takes you to Trader Joes is also really terrific. Good thinking folks!DSCF4982

Cornucopia Closed Until Feb 10th

It seems that Ebo (owner of this wonderful store) has headed to Italy for business – let us hope he returns with even more wonderful nibbles to enjoy!DSCF5035

Grosvenor Heights


As noted yesterday I visited the site for a new town home development in Bethesda (on Grosvenor lane) called Grosvenor Heights. It is a 33 acre space tucked away close to Grosvenor metro/ 270 access and reasonably close to Wildwood Shopping Center.

The 33 acre space is interesting because it includes a historic property or two + a small office building that seems to be reserved for environmental orgs. It is surrounded by trees and vegetation (and apparently their are efforts to work on increasing native vegetation).

The town home community itself is just being built. The properties will range in price from 1.1 million (approx) to just under 1.4 million (approx) and will have a lot of terrific features including roof terraces and elevators.

I had a very good discussion with the staff there and am happy to set up a private hard hat tour/ viewing if that is of interest to readers of this blog. As ever, you can email me or call at 240 486 3921

I took a few snaps to showcase the work so far and also a map of the area:


grosvenor heights 1 grosvenor heights 3

Visiting EYA Homes at Grosvenor Heights

I am visiting the sales office and new houses being built on Grosvenor Lane by highly regarded EYA Homes later today.

Will write up my impressions tomorrow!

How Will 7770 Announcement Impact other Bethesda Condo Projects?

After 7770 Norfolk announced it was going to revert to apartments, one question has been bugging me – what impact will that announcement make to other Bethesda condo projects. I am making some calls and trying to see if thinking has shifted on other projects and will keep you posted.

Of course, one benefit could be to the Bethesda resale condo market – particularly, one would imagine, to nicer units and upscale buildings. We will monitor that trend here at Bethesda Actually in the months ahead.

Sad News

A local daycare teacher died yesterday after being hit by a bus at the Battery Lane/ Old Georgetown Road intersection.

We knew the lady – she was kind, positive and caring.

If anything constructive can come out of this latest pedestrian tragedy, perhaps our elected officials could finally come up with a serious plan to enhance pedestrian safety.