Thanks Bethesda UP! And all the Clearing Crews

Bethesda UP In Action

Within 5 mins of starting our snow-scoping walk this morning we came across a very busy Bethesda Urban Partnership Crew.  These guys had been out since 7am and I have to say the main streets of Bethesda were looking great!  Thanks guys!!!Bethesda UP


Bethesda UP 2Bethesda UP 7 Bethesda UP 6 Bethesda UP 4 Bethesda UP 3Bethesda UP 11

Russia has Sochi, Bethesda has SNOWchi

Just like you, we at Bethesda Actually have been obsessively checking our beloved WashingtonPost Weather Gang every time an ad comes on during the Sochi Olympics.  They unofficially named the storm SNOWCHI which we thought was perfect.  So we are borrowing it for our updates.  Any other names/suggestions out there?

Greetings from Snowy Bethesda!


Well, we did get a big snow dump. We measured just under 12 inches in Battery Park!

If you are out and about stay safe and if you are driving please drive slowly!

Feel free to send pictures to share on the blog. My email is

cheers and happy snow day!

As We Prepare for Snow Storm of the Century II

Here are some pics of past snow storms in Bethesda to occupy the time!

Your Ideas for Valentines Day

Friends – please drop us an email ( with your favorite ideas for Valentines Day in Bethesda.

We will post a selection later in the week!

DSCF5035Will you buy your sweet a sweet treat this Valentines Day?

Thinking about dinner at Kadhai this evening – any recommendations?

haandiLove the food here but always order the same things! Any recommendations?

Winter Storm Warning for Montgomery County this Evening

Folks – take care, it looks like freezing rain is on the way and therefore lots of ice!

bethesda ice path is lovely

Dunkin Donuts at Bethesda Station!


Just wanted to point out that Dunkin Donuts has opened up at Bethesda Metro Station. This location has been teased for a while so it was wonderful to see it open for business. There was a nice crowd of folks in Dunkin yesterday and today and it seems that they have really picked a good spot. It also adds some life to a fairly dull area under Wisconsin Ave where the buses come and go.


Real Estate Series (Article 1): Why High Net Worth Individuals Should Consider Investing in U.S. Real Estate


I recently wrote an article titled “Why High Net Worth Individuals Should Consider Investing in U.S. Real Estate.”

I wanted to share it with all of you for a couple of reasons:

1. As mentioned before I value your feedback and would appreciate your thoughts on this piece (my email

2. Bethesda is a highly desirable neighborhood for real estate investment whether domestic or international in nature.

Here is a link to a pdf of the article:

Real Estate Series Article 1 Why High Net Worth Individuals Should Consider Investing


Bethesda Curry Kitchen

Folks, I am really happy to report that there is a new Indian restaurant about to open in Old Bethesda (On Cordell Ave). Bethesda Curry Kitchen, former chef at places including Passage to India, is opening a casual Indian restaurant with a South Indian dimension. This “sneak peak” from Bethesda Magazine warms the heart:

But Bethesda Curry Kitchen will also serve an extensive lunch buffet, plus new Southern Indian vegan specialties like iddly (steamed rice cakes), medu vada (savory lentil donuts) and oothappam (thick lentil crepes). Kumar has also added some new vegetarian curries and a bunch of new appetizers, such as paneer kathi kabab (julienned paneer cheese rolled in roti and served with mint chutney).

Can’t wait to sample the food at Bethesda Curry Kitchen!