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Modern Market Bethesda Opening Soon

Hi folks, just a quick update on Modern market – the fast casual chain from Denver that boasts high quality ingredients and dietry options – is looking at mid-August for its opening. See this link if you want to sign up for the soft launch:


Here at Bethesda Actually we were disappointed that Boloco didn’t make it in that space (and still feel bad that Baja Fresh closed down) but have hopes for Modern market. It is a good real estate spot – just needs the right concept and hopefully this is it!



Thank you Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad!



Just wanted to take a moment to thank Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad for all they do – from firefighting to paramedic type duties to show casing the importance of service, they bring a LOT to the community. We have a tendency, as a society to not focus on first responders until there is a crisis but it would be nice to change that in our community.

PS the info tips are super useful as well – thank you!


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Med One Urgent Care Bethesda

Now this review is long over due – my family have had cause to visit the urgent care on Old Georgetown road on a couple of occasions in the last year and just wanted to take a moment to say what a reassuring experience we had on each occasion. Eric (the doc and owner of this branch – full disclosure I assisted him a few years ago in finding the space) – was kind, thoughtful and methodical in his approach. In one instance he suggested we follow up with a specialist and in another he was able to take care of things 100%. I really appreciated his efforts and wanted to let the community know about our experience. Obviously medical matters are the most important issue any of us have to deal with and with all emergencies you should contact 911 but for our two situations (which fell short of an emergency) Eric was a real asset.


Aging in Bethesda Cont.

Just wanted to follow up on yesterday’s post and note that a 60 second walk from the site of the proposed retirement home Brightwood Bethesda (in the Tough Temple Cross fit space) is a project that sees Sunrise Senior Living looking to revamp the building that was once Springhouse Bethesda/ Manor care assisted living.



Aging in Bethesda

It has been fascinating to see the way our aging population is impacting life in Bethesda. From high end services targeting the retiree demographic to home care service springing up, change is all around. We are also seeing a few new players joining the retirement home business and new/ revamped homes springing up close to the down town area.

Here at Bethesda Actually we are going to try and do a better job of show casing the services, challenges and opportunities in this space. To start with we just wanted to note that a new retirement home is slated to fill the space currently being occupied by Tough Temple Cross fit and a dance studio just behind the Battery Garden Apt. complex.

See this pic for details (more info to come as we get it):


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Enjoy the Beautiful Weather Bethesda


Picture of the Day: Where is this?


Summer Lunch At Satsuma

Regular readers will know that we are big fans of Satsuma on Norfolk Ave and enjoy their noddle soups in the winter. Well, I wanted to jot a quick post and say that Satsuma is a rather nice place to go for lunch on a hot summers day as well!
I enjoyed splitting some sushi and a wonderful seaweed salad combo with a friend a couple of days ago. As ever the service was terrific.