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COLD Weather Front Hits Bethesda!

bethesda ice path is lovelyStay Warm and Safe Out There!

Missed Smashburger Media Event

Unfortunately we could not attend the event yesterday but it seems like it was a big hit. If you go to my twitter page @rajrealestate you will see some pictures and other information from the Smashburger/ Honest Tea rollout.

Bethesda Magazine Notes: ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen Opening

I was not familiar with this restaurant concept but it is interesting to see Chipotle launching new brands:

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, the Southeast Asian restaurant developed by Chipotle Mexican Grill, will open on Wednesday in Bethesda.

ShopHouse diners can choose a base of rice or noodles, and then add a protein, vegetables and sauce. The first ShopHouse opened in Washington, DC in 2011. The Bethesda restaurant will be the chain’s third on the east coast. The entire menu is gluten and dairy free.

ShopHouse Southeast Kitchen, 4820 Bethesda Ave., Bethesda, 240-316-3500. Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week


From Cal Tort!

Passing this along:

Tuesday, August 27th is the last day of FREE ice cream at the Bethesda Cal Tort! Just say “YUM” to the cashier.

So come on over to the Bethesda Cal Tort tomorrow for the last free ice cream treat of the season — and to help us say our proper goodbyes to the ice cream freezer.
See you here…
Queen of Burritos

Sitting Outside in Bethesda Part 1


Just wanted to pose a question to you – what is your favorite place in Bethesda to sit outside and have a bite to eat or something to drink? Now, the twist on this question is that I am less interested (this time) in the actual food or drink you are consuming and more interested in the actual look and feel (aka the vibe) of the place where you are sitting and relaxing.

So feel free to drop an email to with your ideas or leave a comment below.

Here is one place that has such a vibe:



Lionsgate Commercial Space Still Vacant?

The commercial space at the bottom of the Lionsgate Condos has recently seen the addition of a new yoga studio (the bar method) which we will review later. What has struck the team here at Bethesda Actually as a bit surprising is that the space that used to have the old yoga and health studio (right side of Lionsgate as you face it) is seemingly still vacant. It really is a super space and one would think that an upscale business would have moved in by now. One idea that was suggested as a fit would be a gourmet grocery with an upscale catering dimension. That could be a good fit.

Does anyone have a sense of whether there are active discussions to fill the space?

viera center pic



Favorite Place for a Weekday Drink

Friends, just wanted to take a moment and give a quick shout out to the folks at Flanagans Harp and Fiddle on Cordell Ave. It really is a terrific place to go for a chilled out weekday drink. So thanks to the gang there for making their pub a really good place to relax!


Don’t Forget Restaurant Week!


Pictures Please!

Hi friends,

Sorry for the on again, off again posting cycle. Just trying to get a few things worked out with the blog.
Anticipating a normal posting cycle starting from next week but in the interim, if you have any photos in and around Bethesda that you can share please email them to — add a note for attribution as well. Cheers!

After the Storms!

Well folks, that was more excitement than Bethesda needs! What a storm that was! Hope everyone is ok and that you managed to avoid any serious damage after the afternoon “weather event.” I am sure I am not the only one thinking that these major weather events are only going to increase, and get worse, as climate change tightens its grip in the years ahead.

And while that is a sobering thought and something we should all look to combat…..I did have a more light hearted weather thought this morning.

My understanding is that in New Orleans and other parts of the Southern storm corridor, when major storms approach, they have hurricane parties. And in New Orleans they tend to party with Hurricane cocktail drinks.

So – the question is – what should we come up with that is a Bethesda equivalent for these major weather events? Now, the tricky thing is that:

1. it needs to reflect the community

2. our weather events tend to be year round – from major snow storms to major thunderstorms etc.

What should our equivalent of a Hurricane Party/ Cocktail be?

Drop an email with your thoughts or leave a comment below – cheers!