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Soul Cycle Bethesda

Just read a really interesting series of interviews in Fast Company on innovators and leaders in the new economy. I found the bits on Soul Cycle to be particularly interesting and would love to hear thoughts from people who have experienced Soul Cycle in Bethesda. Do you like it? Love it? Go a lot? Drop an email to



Watching Premier League Soccer in Bethesda

If you are new to the Bethesda area and also happen to be a fan of English Soccer AKA the English Premier League, you will probably want to know where you can go to make some new friends and watch the game in a fun atmosphere.

For me, the best place to watch the games is at Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle on Cordell Ave. It is a terrific pub and they tend to show a lot of the EPL games (as well as Rugby and – it seems – most of Celtic FC’s games).

Weekend mornings are a good time to head over there for the big game and enjoy some breakfast and good company.

Check the schedule online or give them a call in advance.



Real Estate, Aging and Mobility Town Homes and Condo’s

I wanted to continue our rolling discussion on real estate and mobility within the home by considering town homes and condos as options for folks looking to downsize in part due to mobility concerns that often come with age.

Now, townhomes are an interesting option for people looking to sell a single family home but still in need of a reasonable amount of space. One thing that I would note is that many townhome communities have a real mixture of housing stock within them so you will have to look carefully to find homes that have useful mobility features. And what do I mean by that? Well I am thinking specifically of townhomes with main level bedrooms/ bathrooms/ master bedrooms and town homes that allow access to that main level while climbing very few or no stairs.

Another option (and one that is becoming increasingly popular) is to buy a townhome that has an internal elevator so that you have access to the whole property without going up and down stairs.

Condo’s are of course another option – more often than not they are on one level (within the unit) and there is an elevator providing access to the unit itself. A mobility consideration for condos may be to look at access to the building itself – are there stairs? A ramp?

That is all for now – I will have more thoughts on real estate as we age next week.

As I mentioned – these posts are just snippets to get you thinking about these issues. Feel free to email me with specific questions. It should also go without saying that I am happy to meet with you to discuss your real estate needs and assist you in developing a real estate plan that takes into consideration your needs as you age. My email is and cell is 240 486-3921

New Tennis Courts at Battery Park

DSC00081Just wanted to write a quick note and give thanks for the terrific tennis court upgrade at Battery Park. It really is a big upgrade and the courts get a lot of use. The tennis wall is a nice addition!


Update on Proposed Road Through Battery Park

As you know the County is looking to put a road through Battery Park. The community is rallying to urge them to reconsider and the story is picking up press attention. The online petition has topped a 100 signatures and various groups from day care center (parents and staff), cross fit athletes, dog walking club members etc. are all registering their disapproval with the plan.

The road is not needed to connect the community with the rest of Bethesda as there are bike and foot paths to do so.

Further, the damage to one of the few places in Bethesda where kids can run free would be immense.

The County leadership needs to think long and hard – is this really the best use of tax payer dollars?

Congratulations Katie Ledecky!!

Bethesda swimmer Katie Ledecky won Gold and broke the World Record in the women’s 1,500-meter freestyle at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona (Spain).

Congratulations to the home town swimmer!!

More info here.


Capital Bike Share Coming to Bethesda

Good morning friends! Wanted to touch base and talk to you about a story that was on NPR yesterday. Good news, it referenced the expansion of Capital Bike Share into Montgomery County and specifically referenced the fact that we will have new bike station(s) in Bethesda! Now, many of us, including my better half have been suggesting specific station stops on the Capital Bike Share site, and I suspect there is still time to do so.

The challenge that was raised in the story was that the County needs to do much more to get the area ready for Capital Bike Share by investing more in dedicated bike lanes. This is a really important point and one that fans of biking should bring up with their elected representatives at the local, state and federal level.

More info on this as it comes in – cheers!

Where to Watch England v Ireland in Bethesda?

For the soccer fans among you, today features a number of high profile “friendly” games. One of them is the England v Ireland game which kicks off this afternoon. If you are interested in catching the game, one good option could be to visit our friends at the Harp and Fiddle in old Bethesda. They have lots of nice pub grub on the menu and today could be a good day (for those over 21) to have a nice cold beer (just don’t drink and drive!).

If you do make it to the game, and fancy leaving periodic updates in the comments section here that would be appreciated!


Modell’s Delivers – Two Thumbs Up!

Having been asking me for a while I decided this past would be a good weekend to try and teach my better half how to play soccer (which she picked up expertly!).  As always for sporting goods I figured Modell’s on Wisconsin was the place to go.  And again as always, they were awesomely helpful and I came away with a soccer ball, pump and needle for $22.23.  Not a bad deal, and just wanted to give Modell’s a quick show out – thanks guys!

Nice Video of the BCC Winter Athletics Award Evening

This is worth looking at if you have ties to BCC!