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New Real Estate Website for Bethesda Area

Bethesda realtor Jenna Taheri has launched a new website called, designed to serve the needs of buyers and sellers around Bethesda and the wider area.  The site provides tools such as mortgage calculators and helps sellers find out how much their property is worth in today’s market, keep up-to-date on the latest real estate news, and get marketing tips and advice.  Read more here.

Mural Building Still Up For Lease


The building above on Woodmont – with the fantastic mural on it that we’ve written about here and here – is still up for lease.  Does anyone have any info on this property?  If not, we’ll fill you in as soon as we find out!

Real Estate Update: 7550 Wisconsin Ave to be Sold Online

As you would expect from folks who run an online community, we were impressed to hear that the building at 7550 Wisconsin Ave here in Bethesda is going to be sold online.

Bethesda North AKA White Flint Will See Revamp

Some really good news just up the road from our community — Montgomery County Council has approved plans that, if well implemented, will see White Flint look a lot more like Bethesda down town and a lot less like the strip mall neighborhood it currently resembles. Our friends at GGW have the details here and have been on top of the story.

As you know, here at Bethesda Actually, we are delighted at the possible development of the White Flint area. Firstlyit should create a really nice neighboring area for folks in Bethesda to visit and secondly, if businesses are creative the tandum of Bethesda and a “new” White Flint should be more attractive to shoppers and those looking to play and work who live in the District and the surrounding area — that would be good for the local economy and signal that people really do vote with their pocket books when it comes to smart growth.

I just hope they keep Bertucci’s at White Flint — I like that place 🙂

Real Estate Bethesda Update

Friends, I was just looking into some real estate issues in Bethesda and came across this fun story about “instant mansions”. It seems that the evolution of these modular homes now allows for a mansion to be built (at least the external aspects) for $2.5 million.

The concept is pretty impressive if you ask me – gone are the days when your only option, when buying a house, was to hire a crew that would take months to complete their job. I just wonder how much the builders will let you customize the internal aspects of the home?

Quality Living to be Had in Downtown Bethesda

Downtown Bethesda

I’ve just been browsing online and decided to check out Craigslist for the first time in ages, purely out of interest to see what is lurking around these days.  Stumled across one ad that led me to Upstairs at Bethesda Row. This definitely wouldn’t be a bad place to rent a pad and as the website says: “Luxury apartments now leasing in the heart of Bethesda”, from traditional plans to two bedroom loft-style spaces.  It looks like there’s some short term rentals too which could be ideal as we approach the next intern season.

Equinox Building Beginning to Take Shape


With it being such an exciting new development, we’ve decided to chart the (external – and later internal) progress of the new Equinox fitness center building in downtown Bethesda (0r, as their slogan goes: “It’s not fitness.  It’s life”).  We’ll add a new set of images each week now that the outside of the building is more than just a metal framework.  The top picture shows a close-up of the frame that will hold in place the all-glass facade (see concept image here).  At this stage of the development, we expect the building to change considerably on a weekly basis – so keep watching with us and see it take shape!

Also coming soon is the pre-sales office (below), slightly further down Woodmont next to what used to be Levantes.

equinox 4

SEED Announce Move to Bethesda Peripoint Building

PeriPoint Building

Some interesting news to pass along this morning.  SEED, a home building company that focuses on green, energy efficient sustainable buildings is moving to the terrific Peripoint building in downtown Bethesda. Peripoint has been described as the first green commercial building in Bethesda and it seems like an ideal match.

Rachel Puri, the Operations Manager for SEED described their decision as follows: “Bethesda is rapidly becoming the hotspot for green building in the area, as the community thrives to live a more sustainable lifestyle”

This type of commitment to our community is really encouraging and here at Bethesda Actually we want to say “Welcome to Bethesda SEED!”

Coming Soon to Woodmont: Reddz Trading

Reddz Trading

As we enter the beginning of March, the building at 7801 Woodmont Ave. remains empty, although the sign for the eagerly awaited Reddz Trading says “coming soon”.  In fact, a quick glance at their website reveals this brief Q&A:

1) When is Reddz Trading openning?

Answer: We will start buying from you before March 8th.

2) Who are the Reddz Team ?

Answer: The founders of Commander Salamander and Avalon Exchange.

3)  What is Reddz Trading?

Answer: We are a California style Resale store.  We buy, sell and trade gently worn clothes, shoes and bags.

4) What does Reddz sell?

Answer: All the things you want from the upscale malls and specialty boutiques worldwide.

5) What does Reddz buy ?

Answer: Currently we buy spring items only.  We welcome you.

6) When can I bring stuff in?

Answer: No appointment neccessary.  Just bring your clothes on hangers or neatly folded.

Vapiano’s to Open in Bethesda

Image by tizzle

Image by tizzle

I’m pleased to be able to share a bit of interesting news with the Bethesda Actually community. As you know we have been trying to work out what restaurant will open in the Equinox gym building that is being constructed in downtown Bethesda. It is a terrific space and the Federal Realty folks have a prize on their hands — any restaurant that secures the space should be a success. Well, as the title of this post suggests, Vapiano’s is the new restaurant on tap to fill this slot and I am absolutely delighted.

Vapiano’s is one of my favorite places to eat in downtown DC. The concept is an interesting one — when you head in the door you are given a swipe card and that is what you use to order food and drinks from the various stations around the restaurant. You can get drinks from the bar (they have good prices on wine and Italian beer) and order pizza’s, pastas and salads from an open kitchen where the food is cooked in front of you. The nice thing about the swipe card is that if you are in a large group or if folks are coming and going at different times you do not have to worry about splitting checks at the end of the evening. Everyone uses their swipe card to cash out as they leave the restaurant. The prices are also very reasonable and the atmosphere is super. I am a big fan of their food and drink and do like to check out some of the interesting stuff they use in the kitchen (in particular their pasta cooking machine)….from behind a safe barrier of course.

The only negative I can find in this bit of good news is that Vapiano’s in Bethesda won’t be opening until the fourth quarter of 2010….but as they say good things come to those who wait!