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Congratulations Katie Ledecky!!

Bethesda swimmer Katie Ledecky won Gold and broke the World Record in the women’s 1,500-meter freestyle at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona (Spain).

Congratulations to the home town swimmer!!

More info here.


When is 100 Montaditos Opening?

That is the question! I’ve got to be honest, I have been finding reasons to stroll by the old Green Papaya location to see when 100 Montaditos is likely to open. “100 Montaditos?” you say “what is that?” — well, all I know is from the signage and reading a bit online but it seems to be a Spanish style sandwich shop…and if it is anything like the lovely little sandwich places in Madrid and Barcelona, it will be a wonderful addition to Bethesda.

But, the key question is – when it is opening? And what is the delay? Anyone with any answers please leave a comment or drop an email to


Reel Water Film Festival!

Folks, I just saw that our friends from Bethesda Green are one of the sponsors of a wonderful looking water education film event called the “Reel Water Film Festival.”  This is certainly something we are going to take a look at. See this blurb for more details:

The Reel Water Film Festival is a partnership between Journey’s Crossing Church, Bethesda Green, and Mark Leisher Productions.  We are a non-profit event which takes a two-fold approach to combating water issues both at home and abroad.  First, we host a film festival to showcase films submitted from all around the world, invite organizations to set up exhibits for the festival-goers to learn more about how they can get involved, and hear from film directors and experts about various issues surrounding water.  Second, we donate at least 50% of our proceeds to water projects in developing countries and right here at home.  The rest of the money stays within the festival to continue on for years to come.

Children’s Inn at NIH Bethesda Celebrates New Park!

We just wanted to congratulate all the staff and volunteers involved with the Children’s Inn on the opening of the new park facility. It will be an important addition for the sick kids getting treatment at NIH. The Inn’s CEO,Kathy L. Russell,  noted in a release :

“The Inn is extremely grateful to all our supporters who helped donate and build the new park and play area…Our mission is to provide a safe, comforting environment for children and their families. Your generosity and kindness has allowed us to fulfill that mission.”

Bethesda! It is good to be back!

Friends, just wanted to write a brief note of my own regarding the relaunch of Bethesda Actually. As Tom mentioned, when we started this blog a few years ago we had high hopes that we would be able to build an online community of people who shared our love for Bethesda. All in all, things went quite well until the site ran into some significant technical challenges. Now, after a bit of a break, thanks to Tom’s hard work we are back on line and looking forward to reengaging you in all things Bethesda.

So, if you have something you would like us to cover or have an opinion on a change in our community, feel free to let us know in the comments section or by dropping us an email (for the moment you can connect with me at my individual email but we will have a new Bethesda Actually email up and running soon.

Cheers and see you around the community!


Interesting Real Estate Seminar at Washington Post


I went to an interesting real estate panel at the Washington Post yesterday. The goal was to look at the housing trends in DC and the surrounding area. One interesting point raised by Paolo Verrone (Broker Weichert Realtors DC) was that all sectors of the District (and touching neighborhoods) are seeing some very interesting real estate projects  being green lighted, leading to increased interest from buyers. This struck me as being right on the money and if we think about the projects being started in Bethesda and Norh Bethesda, we can see how our little town is bolstering this area wise positive feeling about growth and development.

More thoughts to follow on this later…..

High End Hotel Coming to Bethesda

I thought that this was an interesting, and encouraging, indication of the local economy here in Bethesda. The Bethesda Court Hotel is slated to become a high end Westin hotel under new plans that the county needs to sign off on. This is the money quote for me:

Stephanie Coppula, a spokeswoman for the Bethesda Urban Partnership, a nonprofit that handles landscaping, maintenance and marketing of downtown. “It seems to be exactly what’s needed,” Hartman said. “The fact that they have a signed hotel is such a good sign for the economy and such a good sign for Bethesda.” County planners are seeing more projects in Bethesda, Krasnow said. “We are definitely seeing a flurry of activity right now,” she said. “Developers see a lot of opportunity for hotel and apartments.”

The whole article is certainly worth a read!

Open House of the Week: Location 6424 Ridge Drive, Bethesda


We are going to try something new on the real estate side of the site. Each week we will showcase one Open House that you may want to visit. Please feel free to email us with suggestions over the course of the week!

First up is an Open House that I will be holding in the Brookmont neighborhood this Sunday (April 17th) from 1-4pm.

The house itself is wonderful — it is a traditional home with a contempory addition. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, slate and wood floors and the most wonderful views of High Island, the Potomac and the C&O canal.

As for the community itself, well Brookmont is fabulous and is a bit of a hidden gem in the Bethesda area. The WP ran a nice feature on it some years ago (see here) that started with this wonderful line: 

Living in the Brookmont neighborhood of Bethesda and not kayaking, Bill Guerry often says, is like living in Aspen, Colo., and not knowing how to ski.”

And this portion of the article will give you a flavor of the area:

While front and back yards are small, the public space is vast. Because the neighborhood has only a single way to enter and leave, the streets are free from traffic. They are taken over instead by dog-walkers, cyclists, parents or nannies with children.

Along with the nearby C&O Canal towpath and Crescent biking trail, the neighborhood has its own playground and open field at one end, which is run by Montgomery County. A tree-lined grassy median runs the length of Broad Street, serving as front yard for the houses on that street and as a greenway for children to run from one end of the neighborhood to the other. The “Village Green” is also where many neighborhood-wide events are staged.

So if you have a little time free on Sunday to come and look at a delighful property in a super part of Bethesda, or if you or a friend or family member is looking for a new place to call home, please visit me at my Open House and please mention you saw this invite on Bethesda Actually

PS And do not hesitate to be in contact if I can help you with any real estate matters!

Cheers, Raj (2404863921 or

Raj Purohit Weichert Realtors Bethesda

7200 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda MD 20814

(301)656-2500 (main)

(240)486-3921 (direct/cell)

Equal Housing Opportunity

Bethesda Metro Accident Picture

Update from a Reader RE: Bethesda Metro Accident

“They just took the person past us. Still alive but not in good shape.:(“

Let’s hope that the accident victim pulls through…..