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Over 450 Residents Signed Petitions Against Road in Battery Park

There was a really big push against the road – which was wonderful to see. A few nice quotes here.

One of the most eloquent speakers was Paul Hanos who stated:

“Who benefits from this? Not the people that live around here…Not the folks who are living in Bethesda and using the park.”

Update on Proposed Road Through Battery Park

As you know the County is looking to put a road through Battery Park. The community is rallying to urge them to reconsider and the story is picking up press attention. The online petition has topped a 100 signatures and various groups from day care center (parents and staff), cross fit athletes, dog walking club members etc. are all registering their disapproval with the plan.

The road is not needed to connect the community with the rest of Bethesda as there are bike and foot paths to do so.

Further, the damage to one of the few places in Bethesda where kids can run free would be immense.

The County leadership needs to think long and hard – is this really the best use of tax payer dollars?

Bethesda Mews by the People who Created Symphony Park

Friends, you know that we were very excited by the Streetscapes/ Michael Harris homes project at Symphony Park. Fortunately we were able to provide some useful advice to folks interested in that project. Now, we are happy to begin to bring you some information on Bethesda Mews, a new project by the same partners. Our goal is to again provide you as much real time info as we can for this 29 (or so) SFH project on Old Georgetown Road.

If you are interested in learning more about Bethesda Mews feel free to give me a call at (240)486-3921.


Mews 2 lr

Dunkin Donuts at Bethesda Station!


Just wanted to point out that Dunkin Donuts has opened up at Bethesda Metro Station. This location has been teased for a while so it was wonderful to see it open for business. There was a nice crowd of folks in Dunkin yesterday and today and it seems that they have really picked a good spot. It also adds some life to a fairly dull area under Wisconsin Ave where the buses come and go.


Some Changes in Content at Bethesda Actually


I went to a very interesting meeting earlier this week given by the head of the Friends of White Flint. It got into a lot of details about the new development – matters that will certainly impact our community. Further more, it is also clear that parts of this project are likely to incorporate the “Bethesda North” tag and that we may see, over time, an expansion of what we consider Bethesda including this northern section. SO, here at Bethesda Actually we are going to try and cover bits of the Bethesda North development and will make sure that it is tagged as such.

Bethesda Green Happy Hour on Thursday: Lighting the Way to a Greener Community!

Folks, if you have time this Thursday do try and pop over to the Bethesda Green Happy Hour – here are the details:

Kick off the holiday season with an evening of casual conversation and networking with Bethesda Green and representatives from the faith-based community. Congregations associated with Interfaith Power & Light (MD.DC.NoVA) will share their extraordinary work to save energy and go green.

Thursday, Dec. 5 5 – 8 pm

The Parva Restaurant and Lounge 7904 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814

Located two blocks from Bethesda Green.

Enjoy complimentary appetizers in the restaurant’s beautiful second floor lounge.

$10 Donation requested at the door; proceeds shared with Interfaith Power & Light.

Troubling Story from Mont Mall

This was really sad to read.

Capital Bikeshare Map


This handy map will keep you updated on the bikeshare station locations. This one is near Veterans triangle (and be sure to wear a proper cycle helmet):

beth act 5

Update on The Darcy Condos

Hi friends,

As you know we have tried to keep you up to date on the different condo projects in the area. Just heard yesterday that it looks as if the first units in The Darcy (luxury condos @ Lot 31/ Bethesda Ave and Woodmont) will be available for delivery winter 2015.

Should have several other condo updates for you next week!

PS as ever, if you are interested in looking/ possibly buying a condo in the Bethesda area (including new construction like The Darcy) feel free to drop me an email at I’d be happy to assist you with all your real estate needs (for all my condo info look to the right of the blog).

Interested in Investing in Real Estate (Bethesda and Beyond)?


Starting in September, a colleague and I will be holding the first of a series of free seminars on real estate investing. These seminars are going to be geared towards folks who are interested in investing in the real estate market but have not had the time to think about all the different opportunities/ issues involved.

If you would like to attend please email and put “real estate seminar” in the subject line.

We are still trying to work out the logistics (day/ time etc) and will be seeking input on those matters from the folks who RSVP.