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Major Snow Event Tomorrow!

As you may already know they are predicting a massive snow storm will hit the area tomorrow. Reports are mixed as to when it will really start snowing seriously, some people are saying early morning and others mid/ late afternoon. My guess is that this is a storm we will have to watch carefully….one report suggested we could get up to 20 inches of snow!!

Commuters Beware! Escalator Outage at Bethesda Metro

The scene wasn’t pretty at Bethesda metro station this afternoon, with every single escalator and possibly the elevator out too.  Anyone who travels on the metro system on a daily basis will be used to outages across the network, but it’s unusual for all three escalators to be out at the same time during rush hour.  And with a station as deep as this one, it’s not good!

The “up” escalator was a tired line of passengers, some making the most of the situation to cram in a little unexpected fitness training, others puffing and panting as they made their way to the top in stages.  Hopefully the situation has been resolved over the last couple of hours, but until we know for certain commuters, beware!