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Capital Bikeshare Map


This handy map will keep you updated on the bikeshare station locations. This one is near Veterans triangle (and be sure to wear a proper cycle helmet):

beth act 5

Capital Bike Share Coming to Bethesda

Good morning friends! Wanted to touch base and talk to you about a story that was on NPR yesterday. Good news, it referenced the expansion of Capital Bike Share into Montgomery County and specifically referenced the fact that we will have new bike station(s) in Bethesda! Now, many of us, including my better half have been suggesting specific station stops on the Capital Bike Share site, and I suspect there is still time to do so.

The challenge that was raised in the story was that the County needs to do much more to get the area ready for Capital Bike Share by investing more in dedicated bike lanes. This is a really important point and one that fans of biking should bring up with their elected representatives at the local, state and federal level.

More info on this as it comes in – cheers!

Into the 90’s in Bethesda Today

Well folks, the heat has cranked up a few degrees again and the humidity feels as if it is a few notches higher as well. So the question that comes to mind is where one should go for a nice cool afternoon/ early evening drink? Here are a few thoughts to get the ball rolling but be sure to leave a comment with your ideas or drop an email to

1. Vapianos – they have a well priced Peroni beer on tap and usually have large jars of complimentary water flavored with various fruits and occasionally a bit of cucumber. Allows one to hydrate and then enjoy a nice cool beer!

2. Jaleos – summer heat = a nice opportunity for a Jaleos sangria….need more be said?

3. RiRa – if it is the summer they tend to pour a nice Shandy (half beer half lemonade/ sprite)

Cheers and stay hydrated!

Bethesda Warming Up…..

and I mean that literally folks! It looks like we will be pushing up to 90 degrees today and the humidity is starting to crank up. While we are a long way from the heat of last summer, here at Bethesda Actually we are not too happy that the cool breezes of the Spring are starting to give way to another hot summer. HOWEVER, if is not hot in Bethesda there are lots of super ways to cool down including our local pool off Little Falls Parkway.

We really enjoy heading over there in the summer, lots of space and multiple pools allows for some nice cooling off in the evenings. It would be interesting to hear what all of you think about the pool. Do you use it? How often? Are there changes to the facility or hours that you think are needed?

Drop us an email ( or leave a comment below with your thoughts. Cheers!