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Time for a Ramen or Udon Noodle Soup Perhaps?

Japanese Soups

Bethesda Farmers Market is Open Through the Winter

Just got the good news that they will be open throughout the winter. Here is the summary of this weekends activities:

This Week at Bethesda Central 
Voted Best Farmers Market 2013 – Bethesda Magazine
Open every Sunday from 9am-1pm! 

Stop by The Culinary Nomad for breakfast and warm up with some coffee from Zeke’s Coffee!

Heirloom Kitchen

Yellow Split-Pea with dill & Dijon; Hearty Green Lentil with rosemary; Thai Vegetable & Coconut Curry; African Sweet Potato & Peanut with cilantro, spices & ginger…and more!


Simply Delicious Desserts

Simply Delicious Desserts creates delicious pies from scratch using only the finest, freshest ingredients.


Lamb Baaacon

Kosher all natural lamb bacon and other Kosher certified smoked/cured meats.


Sharpen This
Bring in your knives, scissors, etc. for sharpening.


Bethesda Green Happy Hour on Thursday: Lighting the Way to a Greener Community!

Folks, if you have time this Thursday do try and pop over to the Bethesda Green Happy Hour – here are the details:

Kick off the holiday season with an evening of casual conversation and networking with Bethesda Green and representatives from the faith-based community. Congregations associated with Interfaith Power & Light (MD.DC.NoVA) will share their extraordinary work to save energy and go green.

Thursday, Dec. 5 5 – 8 pm

The Parva Restaurant and Lounge 7904 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814

Located two blocks from Bethesda Green.

Enjoy complimentary appetizers in the restaurant’s beautiful second floor lounge.

$10 Donation requested at the door; proceeds shared with Interfaith Power & Light.

Smashburger Bethesda

We were kindly invited to attend an upcoming media event for Smashburger. Looking forward to attending and will share our thoughts/impressions on these pages next week after the event. Here is a snip of the invite:

“To kick off Smashburger’s new national partnership with Honest Tea (headquartered in Bethesda), we’re having their CEO Seth Goldman join us for a special tasting and presentation about the organic bottled tea company.  Seth and a Smashburger rep will be on-site to talk about the synergies between the two brands as both are committed to serving products that people can feel good about, comprised of quality ingredients for better food and drink experiences.  Smashburger is the first national restaurant chain to roll out Honest Tea’s freshly brewed iced tea options at all restaurants nationwide.”


Zeke’s Coffee at the Bethesda Farmers Market: Holiday blend

Just wanted to note that Zeke’s holiday blend was wonderful! Well done Zeke’s yet again!



Cafe Deluxe What Happened to Thee on Saturday Eve?

Readers of this blog know that we have been fans of Cafe Deluxe Bethesda for a long time. And it is in that spirit that the question “What happened to thee on Saturday Eve?” is posed! We went to Cafe Deluxe with our family on Saturday and were really disappointed in several aspects of our experience. The low lights are as follows:

1. Flat bread pizzas – two ordered: the steak one had almost no steak on it and the cheese one was cold and had very little topping

2. Fish dish – one ordered: fish was not cooked sufficiently. We pointed this out to the waiter who agreed and took it away. He returns with the same portion on a side plate and overcooked. Now, I have never worked at a restaurant and rarely send food back but was very surprised that the protocol at Cafe Deluxe did not see them make a new piece of fish when the first piece was observed as undercooked.

3. Wine portions were very small for the price (and not what they have been on our many other visits). This is becoming an issue at one or two other Bethesda restaurants and my advice is the following. If margins are tight, charge an extra $1 and then give the customer a full glass of wine.

Really hope Cafe Deluxe can turn it around as it has been a go to place for a long time……

PS the Yelp reviews by date were interesting:


100 montaditos Bethesda!

Just had a wonderful lunch at 100 Montaditos Bethesda! Joey, the barman, provided super service and the food was fab!

For the record the 3 montaditos sampled today were: goat cheese and pesto, spanish tortilla, tomato/basil/mozzarella.

Have you made it over there? Feel free to leave a comment with your impressions below!



Baskin Out? Smashburger in?

Folks, just a quick post here. I walked by the new development on the corner of Cordell and Norfolk. This is the spot where it looked like we would see a bar/restaurant called Roof on the upper level and Baskin+DD on the lower level.

Well, a sign for Smashburger has gone up where the one for Baskin+DD was so it seems that there is a switch in tenants before opening.

Don’t have too many more details so please send an email if you know more!


Bethesda Vegetarian Lunch Recommendations Part 1

A friend and reader of this blog asked for a couple of good lunch recommendations and asked that they be smart/casual and vege friendly.

My suggestions were the following:

Raku Bethesda: Vegetarian Bento Box
Bistro Lazeez: Falafel Sandwich
What do you think about those two?

Bethesda Green Happy Hour and Networking Event

Hope to see you at this one!

Autumn, Sustainability and Trees

Join Bethesda Green and Trees for the Future for casual conversation and social networking, Thursday, Nov. 7, 5-8 pm @ Jaleo, 7271 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Trees for the Future is a local non-profit that plants trees in developing world communities, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future.

Complimentary appetizers courtesy of Jaleo

Donation at the door: $10, proceeds shared with Trees for the Future