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Paul Bethesda is Open!

Just a few steps from Barnes and Nobles and at the entrance to the trail. We stopped in for a quick lunch over the weekend:

bethesda paul 2

My First Fathers Day

Was yesterday and we began a new family tradition – Milkshake and Malt Father’s day! The day when we go our for an Milkshake &/or Malt and enjoy a break from the hectic nature of life. Yesterday, for our inaugural Milkshake & Malt Fathers Day we went to Smash Burger and had the Chocolate Oreo Shake. Brilliant!

smash burger pic


We Miss Vapiano’s!


Smash Burger!

Got to say that their Smash fries are pretty wonderful!smash burger pic

Hunger Awareness Event in Bethesda

This looks like a wonderful event for a very good cause:

A very cool collision of area potters, Bethesda Businesses, local restaurants and people who care about hunger. The Empty Bowls Bethesda lunch event brings together artists, local restaurants and the community to help tackle the issue of hunger in the Washington metro region. For a minimum donation of $25, guests will savor delicious soups and breads from the areas hottest restaurants and leave with unique, handcrafted bowls donated by local artists. Guests keep their bowls as a reminder of how they helped fill empty bowls in the community. All proceeds from the sale of the art bowls go directly to the CAFB. The Capital Area Food Bank provides 10.6 million pounds of food to children, seniors and families in Maryland, through 192 partner agencies.

Thinking about dinner at Kadhai this evening – any recommendations?

haandiLove the food here but always order the same things! Any recommendations?

Dunkin Donuts at Bethesda Station!


Just wanted to point out that Dunkin Donuts has opened up at Bethesda Metro Station. This location has been teased for a while so it was wonderful to see it open for business. There was a nice crowd of folks in Dunkin yesterday and today and it seems that they have really picked a good spot. It also adds some life to a fairly dull area under Wisconsin Ave where the buses come and go.


A nice post from our friends at Central Farm Markets (Bethesda) – they have some super ideas for food fun and of course there is so much fab stuff to pick up at the market:

What are your favorite Winter activities? In the Washington area you can ice skate, hike on the C&O Canal, ski and go sledding. If you love being outdoors, we suggest trying another unique winter activity that can be loads of fun: a winter picnic. Yes, you read correctly; winter is the perfect time for an outdoor picnic.

Before you venture out, make sure it isn’t too cold! 40s and above and sunny is best. Bundle up in layers, take some warm blankets and pack an insulated bag with lots of goodies. Bring thermoses filled with steaming hot chocolate or hot spiced apple cider to drink and piping hot chili to eat. Heat up some finger foods (like empanadas) and wrap them up in foil to keep them warm. The more hot foods you pack together, the warmer your basket will be. And of course don’t forget pickles, salami, cheese and dessert! S’mores are a must if you are in a park and can light a grill.

If you don’t want to be outside, try having an indoor picnic by the fire. If you have kids, its a great way to celebrate the winter. Fun games, great food…the possibilities are endless.

So think outside the box this winter. Pick up great foods at the market and have a picnic!

We look forward to seeing you at the market!
Mitch Berliner, Debra Moser, Jessica Band, Chef Lynn Foster & Chris Hitchens.

Beat the Chill Offer from Cal Tort!

This was a fun offer from Pam over at Cal Tort Bethesda:

Cal Tort: Chips and Queso today are..FREE when you make a purchase! And since the wind chill factor at the Cal Tort World Headquarters in Rockville at 10 a.m. was -10 degrees, we’re going to PAY YOU 10 cents to eat those free chips and queso! (Wouldn’t you have hated it if it were -9 degrees and we gave you 9 cents?) So come on in today and enjoy some chips and queso on us and then some. Just say, “Man it’s cold outside!” See you here…xoxo, Pam


Thanks Olazzo Bethesda

I turned 40 over the holidays and for my big 4-0 I planned to go to dinner with family at Olazzo in Bethesda. My wife connected with the folks over at Olazzo and asked whether they would have the butternut squash ravioli on the menu on the night we were scheduled to head over. The manager said that it was not slated for the menu but he would work to get it on there as a special.

Sadly, due to a family emergency we could not go to Olazzo on my birthday but we made a point of heading over there a few days later. In a wonderful surprise we managed to get a plate the butternut squash ravioli (which was available that night) and tucked into a lot of other wonderful food.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Olazzo for their fantastic service and efforts both in the lead up to my birthday and when we went in a few days later.