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Honest Tea Launches New Drink: “Half & Half”

Honest Tea Half & Half

Honest Tea has launched its latest beverage – Half & Half – redefining the classic for an increasingly health-conscious society in a new blend of tea and organic lemonade.

The new drink, from the creator of America’s top-selling organic bottled tea, blends these timeless summer beverages with just a touch of organic cane sugar.

Using USDA certified organic black tea from India blended with lightly sweetened lemonade, Honest Tea has created a perfect balance between sweet and tart while ensuring all the antioxidant benefits of black tea.  And with just 12g of sugar and 48 calories per 8-oz serving, it’s a healthy twist on the old favorite.

Seth Goldman, president and TeaEO of Honest Tea, said: “We’ve been working a long time to find the right balance between tea and juice, and based on the strong response to our new Half & Half, I think we’ve honestly found it.”

Only one thing remains – to pick up a bottle and taste it!  As a tea fanatic, you can be certain that a review will follow.  But if you beat me to it, please send us some feedback about whether or not the new drink met your expectations!

For more information about this product, click here.  Honest Tea can be found at 4827 Bethesda Avenue.

Image courtesy of PR Web.

Yogiberry Grand Opening in Bethesda – 6PM TODAY!

Yogi Berry

A new Yogiberry store is set to open on Elm Street in Bethesda at 6pm today – WHICH IS IN EXACTLY 5 MINUTES TIME!

The team was busy this afternoon pulling together the final touches when we grabbed this shot – a case of right place, right time!  If you’re in the area and enjoy this sort of thing, drop in and help make it a truly grand opening!

Vapiano’s to Open in Bethesda

Image by tizzle

Image by tizzle

I’m pleased to be able to share a bit of interesting news with the Bethesda Actually community. As you know we have been trying to work out what restaurant will open in the Equinox gym building that is being constructed in downtown Bethesda. It is a terrific space and the Federal Realty folks have a prize on their hands — any restaurant that secures the space should be a success. Well, as the title of this post suggests, Vapiano’s is the new restaurant on tap to fill this slot and I am absolutely delighted.

Vapiano’s is one of my favorite places to eat in downtown DC. The concept is an interesting one — when you head in the door you are given a swipe card and that is what you use to order food and drinks from the various stations around the restaurant. You can get drinks from the bar (they have good prices on wine and Italian beer) and order pizza’s, pastas and salads from an open kitchen where the food is cooked in front of you. The nice thing about the swipe card is that if you are in a large group or if folks are coming and going at different times you do not have to worry about splitting checks at the end of the evening. Everyone uses their swipe card to cash out as they leave the restaurant. The prices are also very reasonable and the atmosphere is super. I am a big fan of their food and drink and do like to check out some of the interesting stuff they use in the kitchen (in particular their pasta cooking machine)….from behind a safe barrier of course.

The only negative I can find in this bit of good news is that Vapiano’s in Bethesda won’t be opening until the fourth quarter of 2010….but as they say good things come to those who wait!

National Chili Day in Bethesda

Just wanted to follow up on Tom’s post about Hard Times and note that today is National Chili day and I believe that Hard Times is celebrating by offering a free bowl of chili with any purchase. I’m thinking about heading over there later — if you have never been there it could be a good time to check Hard Times out.

Chili for Lunch at Hard Times Cafe

Hard Times Cafe

Your intrepid Bethesda Actually team ventured into Hard Times Cafe for a chili lunch today.  If you’re looking for casual comfort food in this chilly weather then Hard Times is the perfect venue – especially if you’re new to the area or have yet to give it a go.

They do a variety of chili dishes from various parts of the country.  And don’t worry if, like me, you have no idea which one to go for.  The friendly staff will bring you a chili sampler with four different options including a vegetarian choice.  They’re all good with subtle differences – Cincinnati Chili is slightly sweeter, Terlingua Red is more spicy, while Texas is cooked in its own juice.

I opted for the Terlingua Red, in a nod to the Texas ghost town that hosted the first chili cook-off.  This had a bit of a kick to it but wasn’t so spicy that it cleared my sinuses in the process!  Also, quick note about the Texas Chili – the fact that it is cooked in its own juices makes it quite oily, so if that’s not your thing then I’d shoot for one of the other offerings.  That said, why not grab the sampler and test them out for yourself?!

Then again, if chili isn’t your thing, Wednesday is also half-price wing day, and they’re sure to be fantastic!  Overall a great meal, nice venue, friendly staff and very affordable – $22 for two people (and a generous helping to boot), including drinks.  You can check out the menu here.

Bethesda Soccer Watching at Harp and Fiddle


Just wanted to share the schedule of games being shown today at the Harp and Fiddle on Cordell Ave. As I mentioned last week it is a super place to have a late lunch and watch these midweek Champions League games and to catch other interesting matches. Today they are showing the defending Champions League holders Barcelona play Stuttgart (same day delay). They are also showing the English Champions Man Utd in their game against West Ham. SO, if you have some time try and check out a match:

Tuesday, February 23rd
2:45 PM Olympiacos FV vs. FC Girondins de Bordeaux Live-UEFA
3:00 PM Man. Utd. vs. West Ham Live
5:00 PM Stuttgart vs. FC Barcelona SDD-UEFA
6:45 PM Man. Utd. vs. West Ham

Channel 7 Review Flippin’ Pizza!

Our friends over at Channel 7 news are carrying out a New York Style Pizza taste test in the area this week. The idea, it seems, is to identify the most authentic New York style slice. Yesterday they were over at Flippin‘ Pizza and gave it a pretty positive review. Now, here at Bethesda Actually we haven’t had a chance to head out to the new pizza parlor (it has been open for about two months) but we plan to get over there very soon and give you a more detailed report. If anyone has made it to Flippin’ let us know what you think. Did their two slices and a drink for five bucks option work for you?

Bethesda Pre Theater Dinner Options

A member of our community asked for a pre-theater restaurant recommendation…..while a complete answer may take a while, some due diligence (aka sampling) and polling of the community, I wanted to give a shout out to Jaleo. Their pre-theater dinner menu is just delightful. Check it out here.

Feel free to suggest your favorite pre-theater dinner venue in the comments below. I’d also be interested to know what makes a restaurant a top pick in this specific category.

Manchester United v David Beckham at Flanagans

Don’t be surprised if you see a few folks slip away from work for a late, late lunch today and head in the direction of Flanagans Harp and Fiddle on Cordell Avenue. Most likely they are going to watch the resumption of the UEFA Champions League with David Beckham’s AC Milan taking on the team where he became a star, Manchester United (for non fans, the Champions League is the largest club level soccer tournament in the World. European sides compete for the privilege of being crowned champions of the continent).

If you haven’t caught any of the Champions League games at Flanagans before, I encourage you to head over there today or for another match day later in the Spring (don’t worry we will make sure we keep you updated). Flanagan’s is a terrific place to grab some comfort food and take in the game. The staff are friendly and will look after you and the experience when the soccer is on (or the rugby for that matter) is good fun.

So, let us know if you make it there today or are keen to head to Flanagans for another match day some time in the future.

For today’s games I will be cheering for AC Milan and in the other big game hoping that Lyon can beat Real Madrid!

Pizzeria Uno to be Replaced by Food, Wine and Company

Food & Wine

Raj recently wrote a post about good ol’ Pizzeria Uno on Wisconsin closing its doors.  But there’s great news in store as they’re set to reopen again in due course, this time by Food, Wine and Company – a unique neighborhood bistro.  Their single-page website says:

A Unique Neighborhood Bistro where creative comfort food is paired with an extensive global selection of wine & beer.  Our menu showcases an evolution of familiar dishes using the freshest ingredients & innovative techniques.

At FOOD WINE & CO., family & friends gather to enjoy satisfying meals and good company.  Let us show you why the best nights out happen when you feel right at home.

Well this is exciting news indeed!  It’s always nice to see an empty retail space filled, especially in the wake of the economic downturn, but it’s also exciting to think that yet another unique restaurant is set to be added to Bethesda’s growing list of impressive eateries. In addition to the food, that “global selection of wine & beer” sounds especially appealing!

We’ll await this one with eager anticipation, and inform you of all the latest developments as soon as we know.  Stay tuned!  Big thanks to Brain for this information.