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Restaurant Week is upon us!

restaurant week

With Bethesda being the close knit community that it is I’m sure most people are aware that Restaurant Week is fast approaching!  But for anyone who’s new to the area or didn’t know of the impending food fest, it’s a great time to check out the local cuisine and runs from April 26 to May 2.

Two New Businesses on the Corner of Norfolk and St. Elmo

Norfolk Ave

Again a quick update from me. It looks as if the space that was previously filled by La Miche on Norfolk Ave will be the home of two new businesses. The first is a Capital Beer & Wine shop and the second is an Uptown Deli. The beer and wine place should do well as there is a lot of foot traffic (I hope the prices are reasonable!).

I walked past the place and saw that they have a nice copper trim on the top of the two stores – so clearly they are investing a bit of cash to get things looking smart.

Update on Site of Posh Pooch

Posh Pooch

Just a quick update from me on the business that will be taking over the site of the Posh Pooch store on Norfolk ave. It will be a Med style Restaurant and called Zee

Details to follow

The Entreneurial Adventure of Five Guys

Five Guys

Sitting in Barnes and Noble with a cup of tea and a good book – or in this case magazine – is always a pleasant way to while away a couple of hours.  I picked up a copy of Inc. The Magazine for Growing Companies and read about how Five Guys, which has a outlet in Bethesda, was founded.  It’s one of those good old fashioned success stories where a great idea, simple concept and adherence to principles really did pay off!

Cosi Summer Drink


Just a heads up that Cosi, according to a flier in their Bethesda store, will be giving away a few samples of one of their new summer drinks this Thursday from 2pm. I tend to set my lap top up over there a couple of afternoons a week and will likely be there Thursday to review the new drink. Stop by if you see me and you can give me your real time reaction to their new drink!

Complete Equinox survey for $10 Jaleo gift card


I received an email from Equinox Fitness today and being in eager anticipation of what this place has to offer, I decided to fill out the survey that came as the main focus of the message.  I tried to be as honest as I could – a 30-year-old man who really doesn’t work out as much as he should, and doesn’t join a gym based on the quality of the equipment but rather the cost and proximity to work and home.

Having reluctantly added my responses, I was delighted to find a $10 Jaleo gift card offered for completing the survey and firing off my personal details, which I thought seemed like a fair trade!  Subject to receiving the card, I’ll be heading to Jaleo very soon, and will be sure to let you all know how it goes.  That is, of course, assuming I don’t see you there too!

A Sunny Afternoon in Bethesda

Well folks it is a delightful, sunny afternoon here in Bethesda and the community is certainly getting a jump on the weekend. Lot’s of people are enjoying lunch, coffee, frozen yogurt and ice cream in B-town and I suspect dinner and happy hour crowds will be large and lively. Days and Evenings like this in Bethesda are really European in nature.

If you are looking for good patio/out door seating spots this evening I would recommend these three for dinner:

1. The patio outside Jaleo — super for people watching and the tapas will add to the European feel of the evening

2. Redwood — relax in B-Lane and enjoy your dinner while sitting in the cobbled, old England, type walking area

3. For the over 21 crowd, a dinner and a couple of cold drinks in the patio area of the Harp and Fiddle. While it isn’t a beer garden, their outdoor space isn’t bad at all… long as you beat the crowds and don’t drive after drinking.

Let us know what you plan to do this evening — where will you be heading after work, school etc.?

The Bethesda Foodie

The Bethesda Foodie

We all know how amazing Bethesda is when it comes to food and drink, with a huge range of impressive eateries to choose from in such a relatively small area.  But if you’re a food fanatic, here’s one blog you won’t want to miss!

Opera Night at Trattoria Sorrento

Just wanted to highlight this event since I have a photo of the flyer.  No good for April but definitely make plans to drop by in May if this is your thing!  Opera Night is held at Trattoria Sorrento the first Thursday of every month, and is sure to be a big hit with opera fans around Bethesda.

opera night

Read more about it in Bethesda Magazine.

Bill Frosh Works to Legalize Sale of Produce at State Right of Way’s

Nice work by local Bethesda delegate Frosh who is pushing a bill through the state legislature that would allow agri-producers to sell their goods at state right of way spots in the County.