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Reminder: Reel Water Film Festival is on June 15th!

Saturday June 15

Bethesda Green Happy Hour: Ri Ra Irish Pub

Friends – just a quick reminder that Bethesda Green’s networking happy hour is at Ri Ra Irish Pub on June 6th. Should be fun and interesting.


Westmooreland Berry Farm and Orchard: Cherries and Biodegradable Bags!

We received a nice note from a member of the Bethesda Actually community asking us to highlight Westmooreland Berry Farm and Orchard. They are one of the participants in the Bethesda Central Farmers Market and our reader bought some cherries from their stall on Sunday. Two positive things came out of this – one apparently she loved the fruit and two, she was thrilled that Westmooreland Berry Farm uses biodegradable bags for those folks who forget to bring their own bags from home. Thanks for letting us know! Don’t forget to send your Bethesda thoughts to us via email


Book Signing at Bethesda Central Farmers Market

Just wanted to pass along this new from our friends at Bethesda Central Farmers Market:

“Central Farm Markets is proud to present author Abbie Rosner, who will sign copies of her book Breaking Bread in Galilee: A Culinary Journey into the Promised Land at Bethesda Central Farm Market on Sunday, June 9 from 10am-12:30pm.”


Into the 90’s in Bethesda Today

Well folks, the heat has cranked up a few degrees again and the humidity feels as if it is a few notches higher as well. So the question that comes to mind is where one should go for a nice cool afternoon/ early evening drink? Here are a few thoughts to get the ball rolling but be sure to leave a comment with your ideas or drop an email to

1. Vapianos – they have a well priced Peroni beer on tap and usually have large jars of complimentary water flavored with various fruits and occasionally a bit of cucumber. Allows one to hydrate and then enjoy a nice cool beer!

2. Jaleos – summer heat = a nice opportunity for a Jaleos sangria….need more be said?

3. RiRa – if it is the summer they tend to pour a nice Shandy (half beer half lemonade/ sprite)

Cheers and stay hydrated!

Don’t Forget Thrift Shop During Your Spring/ Summer Cleaning!

We were strolling around the neighborhood over the weekend and, judging by the wide range of goods next to their trash cans, lots of folks have clearly been doing some Spring/ early Summer cleaning.

If you have already finished your Spring cleaning – well done!

BUT, if you haven’t had a chance to start/ or are still in the process, please consider dropping off some of your “stuff” to the goodwill, instead of trashing it.  For instance, we saw a large pile of sports equipment near some trash cans in the Battery Park area and my guess is that much of that could be sold by the local goodwill shop. When decent quality and appropriate stuff is donated to good will, their are has 3 benefits:

1. people can buy inexpensive, but good quality “stuff”

2. money is raised for charity

3. Less stuff in land fills – hurrah!


Bethesda Central Farmers Market

Friends, just wanted to give a quick shout out to the folks at Bethesda Central Farmers market. We were there over the weekend and enjoyed some lovely food and coffee. Here is a list of vendors fyi. Cheers!

Reel Water Film Festival!

Folks, I just saw that our friends from Bethesda Green are one of the sponsors of a wonderful looking water education film event called the “Reel Water Film Festival.”  This is certainly something we are going to take a look at. See this blurb for more details:

The Reel Water Film Festival is a partnership between Journey’s Crossing Church, Bethesda Green, and Mark Leisher Productions.  We are a non-profit event which takes a two-fold approach to combating water issues both at home and abroad.  First, we host a film festival to showcase films submitted from all around the world, invite organizations to set up exhibits for the festival-goers to learn more about how they can get involved, and hear from film directors and experts about various issues surrounding water.  Second, we donate at least 50% of our proceeds to water projects in developing countries and right here at home.  The rest of the money stays within the festival to continue on for years to come.

Maryland Governor at Bethesda Solar Event

Nice to see that the Gov will be in our area for this event.

Did anyone manage to check it out?

Save the Date for Bethesda Green

Just wanted to remind you that on Oct 5th 2001 Bethesda Green will be holding their Second Annual Gala recognizing Bethesda Magazine‘s Green Award Winners. The event will be at the Round House Theatre in Bethesda!