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Happy New Year Bethesda

Dear readers,

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

I have noticed that many pundits, writers etc. have marked the change from 2016-2017 by noting how terrible the last year was and how relieved they are to move into 2017.

My take is slightly different. It is true that there were elections both in the US and around the world that seemed to be filled with negativity but, hidden in plain sight, so many positive things happened last year. Many of these are global and big picture in nature – US carbon emissions dropped, a ninth planet was discovered and Colombia moved closer to peace.

But, in some ways, of equal significance were the millions of positive things that happened much closer to home.

Let me give you three with a local twist:

1. At a local and global level – Bethesda’s NIH started Zika vaccine trials and showed an ability to assist infected people.

2. Bethesda’s Katie Ledecky dominated the Rio Olympic games.

3. Bethesda Green and Bethesda Magazine awarded prizes to groups of individuals and businesses for their contribution to greening our community.

Please email me your thoughts on the best things that happened in 2016 – from the personal to the local to the global.

We will feature the best ones – my email, as ever,



Where is this?


Just for fun – can you recognize where this is?

Did You Know? Bethesda was Once Called Darcy’s Store!


With the beta relaunch of Bethesda Actually 2.0 upon us, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce one of several new content categories – ‘Did You Know?’

This category will focus on fun facts and little known stories about Bethesda, past and present. To kick us off, lets visit an archived post in our History category looking at Bethesda’s humble origins: Did you know that Bethesda was once a tiny hamlet adjacent to a Native American trail, called Darcy’s Store after local businessman William E. Darcy?

(Image credit: Slowking4)