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Construction in Bethesda


It is interesting to see the different time frames and approaches to construction in Bethesda….  the variation between projects is remarkable.


Capital Bike Share Coming to Bethesda

Good morning friends! Wanted to touch base and talk to you about a story that was on NPR yesterday. Good news, it referenced the expansion of Capital Bike Share into Montgomery County and specifically referenced the fact that we will have new bike station(s) in Bethesda! Now, many of us, including my better half have been suggesting specific station stops on the Capital Bike Share site, and I suspect there is still time to do so.

The challenge that was raised in the story was that the County needs to do much more to get the area ready for Capital Bike Share by investing more in dedicated bike lanes. This is a really important point and one that fans of biking should bring up with their elected representatives at the local, state and federal level.

More info on this as it comes in – cheers!

Parking Running Low?

public parking

Just looking around at all the construction and wondering whether our parking problems are going to get even worse?!

Bethesda Green Hosts Investor Pitch Training Program

Cool event from our friends at Bethesda Green:

Growing Biz logo

  • Thursday, June 27, 8:30 am – noon Investor Pitch Training Program, hosted by Bethesda Green. Come see entrepreneurs in the green industry sector make their pitches and receive feedback from an expert panel of investors. More details and ticket info available here.

Sorry for the lack of posting today!

Technical challenges!

Bethesda Green Happy Hour: Ri Ra Irish Pub

Friends – just a quick reminder that Bethesda Green’s networking happy hour is at Ri Ra Irish Pub on June 6th. Should be fun and interesting.


Westmooreland Berry Farm and Orchard: Cherries and Biodegradable Bags!

We received a nice note from a member of the Bethesda Actually community asking us to highlight Westmooreland Berry Farm and Orchard. They are one of the participants in the Bethesda Central Farmers Market and our reader bought some cherries from their stall on Sunday. Two positive things came out of this – one apparently she loved the fruit and two, she was thrilled that Westmooreland Berry Farm uses biodegradable bags for those folks who forget to bring their own bags from home. Thanks for letting us know! Don’t forget to send your Bethesda thoughts to us via email


When is 100 Montaditos Opening?

That is the question! I’ve got to be honest, I have been finding reasons to stroll by the old Green Papaya location to see when 100 Montaditos is likely to open. “100 Montaditos?” you say “what is that?” — well, all I know is from the signage and reading a bit online but it seems to be a Spanish style sandwich shop…and if it is anything like the lovely little sandwich places in Madrid and Barcelona, it will be a wonderful addition to Bethesda.

But, the key question is – when it is opening? And what is the delay? Anyone with any answers please leave a comment or drop an email to


Enterprise Cars Bethesda

Just a quick shout out to the folks at Enterprise rental cars on Wisconsin Ave – thanks for providing super customer service!

Encouraging 21st Century Business to Develop in Bethesda

There is no doubt about it, we are living in an increasingly connected world and it is important that our economy continues to adapt and reflect this reality in the years ahead.

One of the reasons we love the work being done by Bethesda Green is that they are incubating some really interesting green companies, which can assist efforts to modernize our local economy.

In the spirit of 21st Century jobs, we wanted to share a story we stumbled across about React Labs, an early stage mobile company, receiving $100,000 in funding from the Maryland Innovation Initiative. We don’t know much about the company, though its work sounds interesting, but love the fact that it is based in Bethesda, MD.

Here is a bit more on them:

About React Labs  React Labs LLC, based in Bethesda, Maryland, offers the industry’s most innovative and flexible technology platform for collecting moment-by-moment reactions on a large scale using mobile devices. Originating in research at the University of Maryland by founder Philip Resnik , Ph.D., the technology was developed in collaboration with user experience and political science experts and has been used in large-scale research, political coverage, and studies of advertising effectiveness. For more information, see or email

Perhaps we will reach out to the folks at React Labs and find out a bit more about their work and why they have decided to build their business right here in Bethesda.

Would that be of interest?