Bethesda Actually is a community blog for people who live, work, socialize or simply love to visit Bethesda, to gather and share information on all aspects of life in this unique and lively town.  From the best places to eat – for every occasion – to the coolest shops and the latest news from the neighborhood, you’ll find everything you need right here.

The name of this blog came about because of Bethesda’s unique position immediately adjacent to Washington, DC.  There is sometimes a tendency to see them as one and the same, but Bethesda is a town with a culture, vibrancy, style and economy all of its own.  Sure, many people here work in Washington and vice versa, but this isn’t Washington.  It’s Bethesda, actually.

Here are just a few examples of what Bethesda has to offer:

  • One of the most highly educated locales in the country
  • Most educated small town (Forbes)
  • Eleventh top earning town in America (CNNMoney.com)
  • Second on list of “America’s most livable cities” (Forbes)

Based upon the most recent figures available from the U.S. Census Bureau and a CACI study:

  • Population of Bethesda CDP is 55,277.
  • Estimated average household income is $99,102.
  • 78.9% of the population holds a college degree, and 48.8% hold graduate/professional degrees.
  • Median housing value $396,400.

According to the Montgomery County Department of Parks & Planning Web site, Bethesda has a downtown workforce that exceeds 43,000.

The Bethesda Metro station, located in the heart of the downtown, handles more than 15,000 passengers on the average weekday, with more than 10,000 passengers at weekends. The number of passengers exiting the Bethesda Metro station exceeds the number entering on both weekdays and weekends.  (Thanks to Bethesda.org for this information.)

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