MPDU’s and the Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan Cont.

As I was digging into the plan I saw that there was an increased commitment to MPDU’s. As an aside, if anyone would like to discuss this program with me, feel free to give me a call at (240)486-3921 or send an email to

“Add more units to the marketplace by [providing] requiring a minimum 15 percent MPDUs for optional method residential development within Downtown Bethesda.  Provide 15 percent MPDUs on-site as a first priority.  [Preserve existing market-rate affordable housing by identifying some sites as Priority Sending Sites for density averaging. Affordable Housing Sending Sites that choose to transfer their density must enter into a rental agreement to retain 30 percent of their existing affordable housing units, defined as 65 percent of area median income (AMI) or below, for 20 years.]  Provide an incentive to encourage 25% or more MPDUs (by allowing an increase in FAR without additional payments otherwise required for increases in FAR).

 Create a new category of public benefit points related to the retention of existing marketrate affordable housing in existing and/or replacement units within the Sector Plan area using rental agreements with the Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA).  In the South Bethesda and Battery Lane Districts, preservation of market-rate affordable housing and/or additional MPDUs beyond 15 percent is the top priority for public benefit points. Page 7 Resolution No.: 18-835 Page 32: Modify footnote 4 as follows: 4 [Market-rate rentals are defined as affordable if their rent price plus expected tenant-paid utility costs are not more 30 percent of household income (not rent restricted).] Market-rate affordable rental housing is defined as a rental housing unit where the rent plus the expected tenant-paid utility costs must not exceed the median rent for the planning area and is affordable to a household earning 80% of area median income, adjusted as MPDUs for household and unit size. There is no income restriction on a household renting a market-rate affordable unit.”


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