A nice post from our friends at Central Farm Markets (Bethesda) – they have some super ideas for food fun and of course there is so much fab stuff to pick up at the market:

What are your favorite Winter activities? In the Washington area you can ice skate, hike on the C&O Canal, ski and go sledding. If you love being outdoors, we suggest trying another unique winter activity that can be loads of fun: a winter picnic. Yes, you read correctly; winter is the perfect time for an outdoor picnic.

Before you venture out, make sure it isn’t too cold! 40s and above and sunny is best. Bundle up in layers, take some warm blankets and pack an insulated bag with lots of goodies. Bring thermoses filled with steaming hot chocolate or hot spiced apple cider to drink and piping hot chili to eat. Heat up some finger foods (like empanadas) and wrap them up in foil to keep them warm. The more hot foods you pack together, the warmer your basket will be. And of course don’t forget pickles, salami, cheese and dessert! S’mores are a must if you are in a park and can light a grill.

If you don’t want to be outside, try having an indoor picnic by the fire. If you have kids, its a great way to celebrate the winter. Fun games, great food…the possibilities are endless.

So think outside the box this winter. Pick up great foods at the market and have a picnic!

We look forward to seeing you at the market!
Mitch Berliner, Debra Moser, Jessica Band, Chef Lynn Foster & Chris Hitchens.

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