Real Estate Seminar (DATE CHANGE!!)

Think of it as our way of helping you get a New Years jump on the Real Estate Market!

We are hosting a (free!) breakfast seminar on Sunday January 26th at 10am.

Our objective is to make sure that you leave with:

1. A better understanding of the regional real estate market,

2. The opportunities and risks for investors,

3. Challenges facing home buyers and sellers,

4. New contractual, financial and regulatory considerations,

5. A game plan for you to tackle your own real estate challenges/goals for 2014!

We would love for you to join us for a good breakfast chat. Please email your RSVP to: and provide your name, email and cell number (in case there are weather issues on the day!)

We will reply within 24 hours and provide some other logistical info.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t get a response please call (240)486-3921 as your email probably went into a spam filter!

Cheers! Raj


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