Bethesda Film Festival Cont.

Now that the outdoor film festival is over for another Summer I wanted to ask you, our loyal readers, to weigh in on two questions. First, out of the films you saw at the festival this summer, which one was your favorite (and why!). Second, what films would you like to see at the festival next summer — now on this second  question remember that the films have to be family friendly and probably cannot be among the most recent films released in the main line cinemas. My take is that the “best” film this summer was “Life of Pi” – because it was quite different to the norm and, crucially, worked really well for an audience that seem to range from 7 to over 70 years old. With regards to films for next year, I would like to see the following:

1. Star Wars: Episode 4 A New Hope – this has always been a fun film (I was 5 when I first watched it)and with the new film due out the following year it could be a good time to show this one.

2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: another fun film from a good few years ago (this was the first film my sister saw in the cinema). This one is really good fun and again well suited to a mixed age crowd. What do you think of these picks? Any ideas of your own? Feel free to leave a comment or drop us an email. Cheers!

Bethesda Outdoor Movies!

Bethesda Outdoor Movies!







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