Good Morning Bethesda!

So a few thoughts to share with you today:

1. There is a lot of construction work in our little town! “Well that is obvious” I hear you say! Agreed, but what I really am getting at is that in additional to all the current construction, the number of sites being prepared for rebuilding and deals being made to facilitate new construction is remarkable.

2. The weather is delightful! We have had some tough summers the past few years but, touch wood, this one hasn’t been too bad so far and the last week or so we have had near perfect weather.

3. It would be nice to see the start up environment in Bethesda grow. We have seen local companies make it big (yes Honest Tea we are looking at you!) and there are efforts to support new start up efforts (see Bethesda Green’s incubator project). But I’d like to see a lot more of this. Perhaps we could see a diverse group of business leaders get behind a start up incubator project that would look to bring talented innovators to Bethesda to work on their next big idea. Thoughts?

4. When will Trader Joes in Bethesda be able to sell wine? Just asking!

5. Does anyone have any news re: the new Chocolate shop on Woodmont?


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