Into the 90’s in Bethesda Today

Well folks, the heat has cranked up a few degrees again and the humidity feels as if it is a few notches higher as well. So the question that comes to mind is where one should go for a nice cool afternoon/ early evening drink? Here are a few thoughts to get the ball rolling but be sure to leave a comment with your ideas or drop an email to

1. Vapianos – they have a well priced Peroni beer on tap and usually have large jars of complimentary water flavored with various fruits and occasionally a bit of cucumber. Allows one to hydrate and then enjoy a nice cool beer!

2. Jaleos – summer heat = a nice opportunity for a Jaleos sangria….need more be said?

3. RiRa – if it is the summer they tend to pour a nice Shandy (half beer half lemonade/ sprite)

Cheers and stay hydrated!


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