Don’t Forget Thrift Shop During Your Spring/ Summer Cleaning!

We were strolling around the neighborhood over the weekend and, judging by the wide range of goods next to their trash cans, lots of folks have clearly been doing some Spring/ early Summer cleaning.

If you have already finished your Spring cleaning – well done!

BUT, if you haven’t had a chance to start/ or are still in the process, please consider dropping off some of your “stuff” to the goodwill, instead of trashing it.  For instance, we saw a large pile of sports equipment near some trash cans in the Battery Park area and my guess is that much of that could be sold by the local goodwill shop. When decent quality and appropriate stuff is donated to good will, their are has 3 benefits:

1. people can buy inexpensive, but good quality “stuff”

2. money is raised for charity

3. Less stuff in land fills – hurrah!



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