Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Darcy has a new Partner!

FYI – it is NorthWestern Mutual.

Remember ground breaking is scheduled for Jan 2012

Big Changes to 7001 Arlington Road Concept

It seems that the US Postal Office will not be a part of the new project at 7001 Arlington Road. The USPS was scheduled to be a tenant but that will no longer be the case according to reports. This, it seems, will lead to a reimagining of the project with residential property being a bigger part of the project. It should be interesting to see how this takes shape…..stay tuned for more info!

Wonderful Lentil Soup at Le Pain Quotidien

Friends – just had a lovely lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Bethesda Row. A good friend treated me to a bowl of their lentil and vegetable soup, some lovelybreads and a glass of red wine — a nice way to start a holiday weekend!

Interesting Real Estate Seminar at Washington Post


I went to an interesting real estate panel at the Washington Post yesterday. The goal was to look at the housing trends in DC and the surrounding area. One interesting point raised by Paolo Verrone (Broker Weichert Realtors DC) was that all sectors of the District (and touching neighborhoods) are seeing some very interesting real estate projects  being green lighted, leading to increased interest from buyers. This struck me as being right on the money and if we think about the projects being started in Bethesda and Norh Bethesda, we can see how our little town is bolstering this area wise positive feeling about growth and development.

More thoughts to follow on this later…..

A Trailer for the Bethesda Based Bus 52 Project!

Check it out and be prepared to be inspired!

High End Hotel Coming to Bethesda

I thought that this was an interesting, and encouraging, indication of the local economy here in Bethesda. The Bethesda Court Hotel is slated to become a high end Westin hotel under new plans that the county needs to sign off on. This is the money quote for me:

Stephanie Coppula, a spokeswoman for the Bethesda Urban Partnership, a nonprofit that handles landscaping, maintenance and marketing of downtown. “It seems to be exactly what’s needed,” Hartman said. “The fact that they have a signed hotel is such a good sign for the economy and such a good sign for Bethesda.” County planners are seeing more projects in Bethesda, Krasnow said. “We are definitely seeing a flurry of activity right now,” she said. “Developers see a lot of opportunity for hotel and apartments.”

The whole article is certainly worth a read!

Bill Marriot Retiring

A nice piece on an important industry figure in our area.

Bus 52 Social Mixer at Flanagans Harp and Fiddle!!

Friends – please come out and join us at Flanagans Harp and Fiddle this Saturday!! See a message from Bethesda local and all round awesome person Robert Gelb:
This Saturday (The 17th), from 3pm-5pm, the Bus 52 team and our supporters will be at the Harp & Fiddle in Bethesda. Please feel free to stop by and say hello and learn about the project. 
The Harp & Fiddle (Flanagans) has been a Bethesda institution for years – come by and share a pint, have a soda, or grab some grub, and listen to us talk your ears off about how excited we are about Bus 52.
Thank you so much for your interest, do pass this note along to anyone else you feel might be interested.
See you Saturday!

Jimmy John’s in Bethesda!

Just thought I’d give a quick shout out to the newly open Jimmy John’s on Bethesda Ave. JJ’s sells, in their words, the “World’s Greatest Gourmet Sandwiches” – we haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but would love to hear from folks who have made it over there. A little blurb on the new place and its history can be found here.

Getting Ready for the Holidays in Bethesda

A friend and avid reader of Bethesda Actually recently asked  “What can I do with my out of town visitors over the holidays?”

That is a good question and one we felt should be open to the entire community to answer. Please send us an email or leave a comment with your thoughts below. We will roll out some of the best ideas (plus a few of our own) in the days ahead.

Let me start with one in the “food and drink” category:

Taking your family out to the Irish Inn at Glen Echo should be on the short list of places to have some food and drink this holiday season. After All, surely I am not the only one who believes that a cold winters evening is best tackled in a warm pub over a plate of fish and chips and a nice pint of Guinness? Think about it…..the temperature dips below freezing, you are inside the pub part of the Irish Inn tucking into some food and listening to one of their terrific live bands……surely your out of town guests would approve?

More ideas on this topic to follow…..and don’t forget to have folks in your party act as designated drivers!