Question 1: Should Maryland have a convention to change its constitution?

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Question 1: Should Maryland have a convention to change its constitution? 

As you will see it on the ballot:

Question 1
Constitutional Amendment Question as you will see it on the ballot:

(Senate Bill 26, Chapter 9 of the 2010 Legislative Session)
Maryland Constitutional Convention

Should a constitutional convention be called for the purpose of changing the Maryland Constitution?

Under Article XIV, Section 2 of the Maryland Constitution the General Assembly is required to ask the voters every 20 years whether a constitutional convention should be called for the purpose of altering the Maryland Constitution.

Arguments “for” a Constitutional Convention: The constitution should be modernized. There are issues not currently addressed by the constitution that Maryland may want to address. Two issues that would require an amendment: Marriage definition; The addition of term limits.

Arguments “against” a Constitutional Convention: No need and it would cost money. If there is a convention it would be open ended. Any section could be changed as the entire constitution would be up for meddling in one shot. Better to have issues brought up for referendum one at a time as it will be more contained.

Extra Information: A vote for a constitutional convention would be a vote for launching a process to revise the state constitution. Maryland state lawmakers are only required to put the option of a constitutional convention question on the ballot once every 20 years. Washington Post had a fun article on the topic back in July and an interactive link to allow folks to try their hand at amending the existing constitution:


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