“Bethesda Textures” by Verónica Magán

This fantastic collection of photographs was taken by 23-year-old self-taught photographer Verónica Magán on a recent visit to Bethesda.  Each picture captures the “common things” around our streets, from brick walls to sidewalks and doors, framing these objects that we so often take for granted, or simply don’t notice, in a new light.

Verónica, from Venezuela, got to know Bethesda’s streetscene while visiting her boyfriend who works here.  In true DC fashion, most days were spent shopping and visiting museums.  But after a tiring tourist trek they decided to spend the last weekend in Bethesda, which inspired Verónica to create this album.

“While getting to know the colorful streets and restaurants, I noticed the beauty hidden in the “common” things, the things you take for granted when you go by the streets of Bethesda,” she said.

“Every feature of the city has a beautiful detail: the sidewalks, the walls, the benches, the corners, drains… they are all made of different materials and colors that bring Bethesda to life. I guess I could say I felt Bethesda through its textures, so I decided to photograph it.”

And the results are fantastic!  All the pictures were taken using a 30-year-old Pentax KC 1000 with a 35mm ASA400 film.  “I couldn’t think of a better camera to capture the mixture of modern and traditional spirit I found in Bethesda. I’ll be back next Christmas to find new inspiration on a new season,” she added.

Thanks very much to Verónica for allowing us to publish her work.  To see her full set, click here.


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  1. Esda says:

    These are beautiful. I linked through to your other pictures too. You have quite an eye. The picture of the small blue tiles just drew me in. the mixture of colors and patterns is something I would NEVER have noticed without a close-up. Look forward to seeing your pictures at Christmas =)

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