Bistro Lazeez Getting Rave Reviews

A week or so ago we mentioned Bistro Lazeez.  Their website is not yet up and running, although we are assured it is “coming soon”.  In the meantime here are some great reviews (on the whole – a few people were not so impressed, but for the most part feedback looks extremely positive).

Have you been to Bistro Lazeez?  If so let us know what you thought!


2 Responses to Bistro Lazeez Getting Rave Reviews

  1. davechen says:

    We had lunch there yesterday. The food was quite tasty.

    But I ordered the falafel sandwich, and asked for the roasted potato side dish. The waiter said we don’t serve those anymore. No french fries either. “We decided to go completely healthy.” So I got hummus instead, which was quite good.

    But it’s on the menu?!? They just opened and they’re changing the menu already?

    And afterwards I told my co-workers “I’m gonna need a snack later.” The portions could have been bigger, but I guess the smaller size is better for my health too.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the update, Dave! Definitely seems strange that they’re changing the menu so soon after opening, and even stranger that it’s for the likes of fries/roast potato sides. Will be interesting to check it out and see what other people have to say too. Cheers!

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