Uptown Deli Update


Here is some info on the new Uptown deli via their release:

THE UPTOWN DELI, in Bethesda, a traditional Jewish delicatessen Opening in July. At 7905 Norfolk Ave.

“Give me your hungry,
Your deli deprived masses,
 Yearning to be fed.
Send them to me,
 I will feed and delight them”

says Deli Maven Howard Wasserman proprietor-impresario of the soon to be opened Uptown Delicatessen at 7905  Norfolk Avenue in Bethesda.

“The Uptown is the “emess” (the real thing) a New York  Jewish delicatessen with a legacy of  thickly filled Pastrami, brisket, Salami, Corned Beef and combination sandwiches, delicious  Matzoh Ball Soup,  sour pickles,Salami and Egg Omelets, Onion Bagels, Knishes,  Lox, Nova, Onions,  Dr. Browns Cream Soda ,Hebrew National frankfurters and authentic NY cheese cake with strawberries – it’s a true- to- tradition medley of  taste, smell, and ingredients  – like coming home” says Howard.

 If they awarded PhD’s in Delicatessen Science Howard Wasserman would earn one.  He swept sawdust on the floor of his father’s Baltimore Kosher Butcher shop and worked his way through high school and college working in Jewish Delicatessens. His entire career has been food and he knows the tastes, smells, recipes and the jokes.

The food at the Uptown will be wonderful, the atmosphere traditional with a few new wrinkles.
•        Uptown Deli will offer “fast, courteous and efficient self service”. No insulting Jewish waiters – but Howard has some one liners to make you smile.
•       For the émigrés from Brooklyn the Uptown will have “Do it yourself Egg Creams with Foxes U-bet included and Square Knishes.
•       Eat in or take out Platters. Enormous Sandwiches with names like “ The Big Fresser”, “Bris Kit, The Jets and the Mets, Uptown Canarsie,etc.
•        Catering Services for Jewish Holidays, American Holidays, every day is a Holiday, Shiva platters, Deli platters with the world’s best Corned Beef and Smoked Fish too. Corporate and party catering with loaded platters to full service events.  For More info, contact Howard at howardw@uptowndelibethesda.com


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